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After the decoration of the new house, I believe many people can't wait to check in as soon as possible, but the formaldehyde hazard that follows makes everyone hesitate again and again. How to choose furniture to reduce the harm of formaldehyde to the body is very important

November 8th, 2014 is a memorable double happiness day for Ms. Wu. On this day, the whole family moved to their new house. That is, on this day, she became one of the first beneficiaries to buy the E0 grade solid wood particle board discount for Novi's wardrobe. You know, Ms. Wu, who works in the hospital, has taken great pains to create a healthy home environment for her family. She has long known the harm of formaldehyde emitted by furniture, so she has made up for the common sense of grade e board on the Internet. When shopping in each wardrobe brand store, she should pay attention to the different characteristics and prices of grade E1 and E0 board, and when shopping in the fifth Norwich wardrobe store, What impressed her most was not how fashionable and elegant the modeling design and decorative style of Novi's wardrobe were, but how a fish tank was made of E0 grade solid wood particle board, in which the fish swam optimally, which completely conquered Ms. Wu, who had always been picky about health

at present, the boards used in the wardrobe on the market mainly include woodworking board, particleboard, fiberboard, solid wood finger board and multi-layer solid wood board. They will add formaldehyde containing glue in the processing process. If it is low-quality boards produced by small factories, many of them have formaldehyde content exceeding the standard. The wardrobe using such boards can have a formaldehyde release period of up to 10-15 years, harming the health of the whole family

solid wood particle board, which has been popular in the European and American markets for many years, is gradually favored by Chinese high-end wardrobe manufacturers, and is widely sought after by high-end consumers for health and environmental protection. However, due to the high price, it is difficult to popularize. Novijia, one of the "top ten brands of overall wardrobe" that has recently attracted the attention of the industry, launched E0 grade solid wood particle board, which has achieved a balance between high quality and high cost performance. It can be said that it is the latest upgrade of China's current healthy wardrobe board

how to distinguish true and false E0 solid wood particle board? Step 1: smell. Open the door of Novi's wardrobe with solid wood particle board, open the drawer, and come up to smell a faint fragrance. According to the shopping guide of Novi family, if there is a strong pungent smell, it even makes people cry, indicating that the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard; At the same time, the shopping guide shows the material inspection certificate, which has the inspection certificate of the relevant national wood-based panel quality inspection center, proving that the solid wood particle board used in Novi's wardrobe has reached the E0 standard

according to the domestic environmental protection standards and the concept of formaldehyde emission limit, the formaldehyde limit level in the plate is divided into three levels, namely E2 ≤ 5.0mg/l, E1 ≤ 1.5mg/l, E0 ≤ 0.5mg/l. In China, the plates can meet the E2 level standard, that is, E2, E1 and E0 level plates can be called environmental protection plates. However, due to the improvement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection, E1 level or even E0 level plates are now common in the market. The solid wood particle board used in novier's wardrobe has reached the E0 level of the highest national environmental protection standard. It can not only be directly used indoors, but also, more importantly, no matter the elderly, children, pregnant women and patients, there will be no potential safety hazards when using furniture made of novier's solid wood particle board, and long-term use will not cause chronic formaldehyde pollution

according to the shopping guide, novijia adopts E0 grade solid wood particle board, which not only keeps pace with the international trend, but also takes a people-friendly route in terms of price, "international quality, local price", upgrading without price increase, so as to create a healthy, environmental friendly and comfortable home space for consumers

novier's wardrobe solid wood particle board has both high cost performance and environmental protection, and the product performance is also outstanding. Take out the cut surface of a solid wood particle board of novier's wardrobe. From the cut surface, the small particles inside are closely combined, with high density, heavy hand feeling, and can withstand large pressure. It has many advantages, such as strong decorative performance, smooth appearance, no warping, no cracking, sound insulation, mold resistance, easy processing, and it is not easy to bend when hanging heavy clothes. In addition, noviger has introduced the industry's first t+3 rapid customization mode, which greatly shortens the delivery time. Taking panel furniture as an example, it can be delivered as soon as 4 days. According to consumers who placed orders after November 8, in addition to fast delivery, quality is also guaranteed, and the price is also within the budget

novier's wardrobe has always adhered to the principle of "health and environmental protection" and always put the health of consumers in the first place. There are many plates used in the wardrobe on the market. For the sake of environmental protection and long-term goals, EO grade solid wood particle board has been specially launched to keep you away from formaldehyde hazards





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