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From material selection to finished products, every link and every detail of Asiatic doors and windows are carefully checked in the principle of environmental protection and safety, only to create environmentally friendly, healthy and safe products and create a better life

at the beginning of its establishment, the brand of Yacai doors and windows was concerned with the sustainable development of society, and was determined to create healthy, safe and comfortable household building materials products for consumers and create a modern urban fashion life. With a high awareness of environmental protection, Asian wood doors and windows regularly go to Germany, the United States, the European Union and other countries to learn the cutting-edge process technology and production equipment of the industry and introduce them into their own enterprises. Through innovative production technology and improving production equipment, they can improve resource utilization and realize green production. Mr. Bao Minzhi, general manager of Yacai doors and windows, said that in order to produce green aluminum alloy doors and windows, we must start from the source, and carry out the implementation rules of standardization from the three aspects of raw materials, technology and production management at the same time. None of the three is indispensable

first of all, raw materials are the first step of production and processing, and also the first link that plays a decisive role. We strictly select raw material suppliers for sub material doors and windows, and only take the suppliers with the highest quality and most in line with the positioning of sub material products as strategic partners. The aluminum doors and windows are made of top-grade "aluminum" profiles, European high-quality "Paige" and "Haobo" hardware accessories, and independently developed and produced 3C certified tempered glass as the base material of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Asia Aluminum Group is the leading enterprise in the aluminum industry. Its profile products strictly comply with national standards, and can be comparable to the international standards of the same industry and the requirements of advanced national standards such as the United States, Germany, France, Japan and so on. High quality raw materials are durable, long service life, easy to take care of, and safe to use for 20 years without deformation. High quality raw materials extend the service life of aluminum alloy doors and windows, greatly reduce the number of door and window replacement, and save material resources and use costs, so as to meet the requirements of green doors and windows

secondly, exquisite technology can improve the thermal insulation, waterproof and sound insulation performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The physical properties of aluminum alloy doors and windows are related to many factors. The actual use function of aluminum alloy doors and windows is directly affected by the process advantages and disadvantages, such as the thickness of materials, the stability of glass adhesive, and the fitting degree of sealing strips. The toughening and production process of sub material door and window glass shall strictly implement the national standards gb15763.2-2005 and gb11944-2002 to ensure that the insulating glass is low-carbon, energy-saving, green, safe and reliable

finally, in the production process and inspection and acceptance of sub material doors and windows, the quality management department of the enterprise strictly inspects every production step, and closely monitors the work of resource saving, waste disposal, sewage discharge, etc., so as to ensure scientific, environmental protection and sustainable development. In terms of product quality control, asima doors and windows has an independent quality control department to track product quality throughout the process

in addition, the popularization and use of the OA system of sub material doors and windows has realized the green paperless office of enterprise management. The use of OA system is a reform of the whole staff working mode and enterprise management mode of Asiatic materials, which saves paper resources, not only realizes the automation and paperless of knowledge management, but also realizes collaborative office and improves the overall response speed and decision-making ability

the importance of environmental protection is not forgotten in the process and production at all levels. On the road of pursuing low-carbon, environmental friendly, green, safe, fashionable and beautiful aluminum door and window products, Asia wood doors and windows will continue to strive for perfection and create brilliance




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