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Looking for a decoration company to decorate generally has two choices, that is, full package and half package. How to choose these two ways? Some people say that if you have money, it's all inclusive, and if you don't have money, it's half inclusive. This statement is unreasonable. The editor of Wuhan Decoration network will analyze it for you and know how to choose:

which one is better to decorate all or half

one and a half packages: the construction party is responsible for the procurement of construction and auxiliary materials, and the main materials are purchased by the owner

advantages of half package decoration: choose the main part to take the initiative, and buy the main building materials by yourself, which makes you feel more secure in terms of safety and economy. Auxiliary building materials are allocated by the construction team, which saves a lot of effort in small matters

disadvantages of half package decoration: it takes a lot of time to go to the building materials market and cannot be easily decorated. When signing the contract, we must clearly indicate which are provided by the decoration company and which are purchased by the owner himself. Otherwise, it is easy to be exploited by the decoration company in the later stage, making you want to buy everything, which is very tired and passive

decoration suggestions: half package decoration is suitable for busy people who pursue quality, but the premise is also to have some professional knowledge of decoration building materials

II. All contracting: contracting labor and materials, and all material procurement and construction are the responsibility of the construction team

advantages of all inclusive decoration: it is relatively time-saving, labor-saving and worry-saving, and the responsibilities and rights are relatively clear. Once there is a quality problem in the decoration, the responsibility of the decoration company cannot be shirked, because they are responsible for the labor and materials. If there is any problem, just go to them directly

disadvantages of all inclusive decoration: high cost. Due to the complexity of material prices and types, decoration households know very little. Once the decoration company falsely reports the price, or cooperates with the material supplier to deceive the owner, it is difficult to identify. (related reading: Decoration half package or all package)

decoration suggestions: all package is suitable for people who are very busy or have rich economic conditions, because all package is to save trouble and spend more money

in general, all inclusive is really much easier! I've seen too many friends who make half bags. The history of blood and tears is distressed, especially those Xiaobai who never knows what's going on with the decoration




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