Small house design shows a love of 40 square meter

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The smell of lime

Alexander searched for three months before he found the old house at the corner of a secluded garden. At first glance, he fell in love here. Although the appearance of the old house covered with ivy has been weathered for a long time, the interior of the house is very comfortable and clean by the owner of the house. The upper and lower floors are carefully divided into several independent apartments, and each apartment has its own bathroom. More importantly, the unique tall pattern of the old house enables everyone living here to build a two-story attic at home, which greatly solves the embarrassment of some cramped space. So Alexander thought for only 20 minutes and decisively signed the rental contract

Alexander is a young printmaker. In addition to creating at home, he often goes to the art area where young people gather for inspiration. In his favorite "orange" bar in the Art District, he always orders a margarita mixed with tequila, lemon and lime juice, and lime soda is also his favorite. Perhaps because of his desire for this kind of fruit, Alexander also used a lot of fresh apple green, grass green and lemon yellow when decorating the house, so that they can walk freely between light white and wood color. In the sunny afternoon, the whole house seemed to glitter, like a delicate, full of big lime, emitting youthful brilliance from inside to outside




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