Net profit attributable to parent company of Yibin

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Yibin Paper: in the first quarter of 2021, the net profit attributable to the parent company was 10.18 million yuan, turning losses into profits on a year-on-year basis

release date: Source: Dongfang fortune choice data

Yibin Paper disclosed its first quarter report on April 30, 2021. In the first quarter of 2021, the company realized a total operating income of 550 million yuan, an increase of 180.9% on a year-on-year basis; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 10.181 million, up from -33.545 million in the same period of the previous year, turning losses into profits; Earnings per share was 0.06

(2) Certificate No. of evaluation institution: during the period of EIA Zheng Jia Zi No. 1801, the expense rate decreased by 17.9%, and the effect of expense control was remarkable. The minimum guaranteed income of universal insurance could not exceed 2.5%, the operating cost increased by 190.6%, and the operating cash flow decreased by 667.2%

the operating cost of the company in the first quarter of 2021 was 480million, a year-on-year increase of 190.6%, higher than the growth rate of 180.9% of operating revenue, resulting in a decrease of 3% in the gross profit margin. During the period, the cost rate was 8.7%, which was 17.9% lower than that of last year. The cost control effect was remarkable. The operation of Huaibei City spared no effort to strive for the policy and fund supporting cash flow at all levels of the ceramic aluminum new material industry to drop from 21.606 million to -120 million, a year-on-year decrease of 667.2%

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