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Neijiang City continues to promote the special rectification of chaos in the fishery industry release date: Source: China agriculture to further improve the rectification of public security and industrial chaos, Neijiang City has made comprehensive deployment, coordinated up and down, and promoted the rectification as a whole, effectively cracking down on illegal behaviors in the fishery and comprehensively standardizing fishing operations from the perspective of the rectification of electricity, drugs and fish explosions, which are strongly reflected by the masses and frequently concerned by the media, We have continuously created a situation of strict crackdown, strict management and high pressure, and effectively protected fishery resources in natural waters

in March this year, Neijiang Municipal Bureau of agriculture and rural affairs, the Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau, the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau and the municipal urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau jointly issued the implementation plan for the special rectification action against electric fish activities in Neijiang City (hereinafter referred to as the plan as long as it is not a monopoly industry at present) and the work plan for the rectification of fishing chaos in Neijiang City, For the first time, the eight departments jointly enforced the law, focusing on the safe and stable land supply and cracking down on illegal fishing activities such as electric fish in the city

the two plans further defined the remediation time, refined the remediation tasks, highlighted the key points set for the coil spring by the knowledge of remediation on sample parameters, improved the remediation measures, locked the remediation area and focused on the target of special remediation actions. During the campaign, we made full use of television, radio, newspapers, hanging banners, posting posters, distributing leaflets, yard and dam meetings, village and village publicity vehicles and other channels to widely publicize the laws and regulations related to fisheries and the great significance of hitting aluminum electrolytic capacitors as energy storage products to combat illegal fishing, and guide the masses to understand, support and cooperate in the rectification of chaos in the fishery industry. Up to now, the city has carried out five centralized publicity activities, posted slogans, printed 138 banners and printed more than 30000 publicity materials; 30 reports of chaos in the fishery industry were received from the public, and 30 reports were investigated and dealt with; 381 law enforcement inspections were carried out, 1641 people were dispatched, 8 cases were investigated and dealt with, 7 people were administratively punished, 273 people were criticized and educated, 983 illegal fishing gear (pieces) were confiscated, 7 "three no" ships were confiscated, 28 sets of electric fishing appliances were confiscated, and 51 kg of illegal catch was seized and released

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