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Enterprise network marketing promotion skills

network advertising

advertising is the most common way and the most common way, but the price is relatively high. Enterprises can launch according to their own strength. Of course, it can also be launched by means of resource integration, such as advertising space exchange, text link exchange, channel entrance exchange, etc

blog marketing

blog marketing refers to a network marketing method in which enterprises communicate with customers through blogs, and promote specific products or release news. There are many ways of blog marketing, which can be advertised in celebrity blogs, or spread in the form of celebrity recommended products. We can also set up a blog marketing team within the enterprise to carry out targeted virus marketing and stimulate customers' desire to buy

soft text marketing

the cost of soft text marketing is very low. The author believes that soft text marketing with public relations strategy has a better effect. However, if you want to make a splash through soft text marketing, the author believes that the article must be well written, with a hidden needle in it, and the market cooperation force should be further improved. The modified plastics will not make people feel that the article is PR, otherwise, the effect will be greatly reduced and half the effort will be achieved with half the effort

email group sending

e-mail marketing is usually used in conjunction with other marketing forms to cover more target customers at a lower cost, achieve marketing objectives such as product promotion, sales opportunity mining and customer care, and help users increase the accuracy of potential customer positioning, enhance the relationship with customers and improve brand loyalty

Forum promotion

forum marketing is to use the forum's high popularity to effectively provide marketing communication services for enterprises. Due to the openness of forum topics, almost all marketing appeals of enterprises can be effectively realized through forum communication

seo marketing

seo marketing is the main means of network marketing, which has obvious effects on station promotion, network brand construction, product promotion, sales, etc. It increases the click through rate of your site, that is, the number of views, through higher search engine rankings, so as to obtain the soaring sales of products or services

e-magazine marketing

compared with other marketing methods, e-magazine marketing has a clear periodicity, and its pertinence and service are stronger. It is like a base, especially suitable for contacting customers (and potential customers) and expanding the influence of the brand

go to the store

(2) the interface circuit is a standard interface board used to complete the conversion and signal transmission. Go to the store is an extension of the enterprise sales channel. An enterprise station with the go to trade function is itself a go to trade place. In addition, go to the store is not limited to the enterprise station itself, but also includes the go to store built on the professional e-commerce platform

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