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Don't forget the original intention and create the future together! The supplier alliance summit of Sany group was successfully held in 2019

never forget the original intention and create a better future! In 2019, the Sany group supplier alliance summit was successfully held. On August 30, Zhangjiajie was in a crisp autumn. The Sany group supplier alliance summit with the theme of "not forgetting the original intention and creating the future" was held here. Senior executives from Sany and 66 alliance suppliers at home and abroad gathered here to seek a new pattern of development

xiangwenbo, director of Sany group, President of Sany Heavy Industry and director of Business Committee; Yi Xiaogang, director and CEO of Sany group and chairman of Sany group supplier alliance; Chen aiming, vice chairman of Sany group supplier alliance and chairman of Kawasaki precision machinery trading Shanghai Co., Ltd., and senior executives of Sany group and alliance suppliers attended the conference

Xiang Wenbo affirmed the achievements made by the alliance since its establishment, and thanked the suppliers and each institution for their support from key research partners. He said, "we should not only be partners in business, but also become friends in life."

xiangwenbo said that the past success of Sany mainly lies in seizing the opportunity of reform and opening up. "In the new era, Sany aspires to become the pioneer of 'intelligent manufacturing' in China, which can not be separated from the support of all supplier partners". At the meeting, he hoped that everyone would seize the opportunity of the times, increase innovation, expand the Internet field, and "work with one heart and one mind, walk in the opposite direction" to join the great and brand-new cause

the wonderful and humorous speech aroused the resonance of the participants, and there were many warm applause on the scene

Yi Xiaogang also thanked the members of the Alliance for their outstanding contributions to the cause of Sany. He pointed out that we should unswervingly promote the development of the alliance, focus our business on strategically selected suppliers, and realize the alliance concept of "common creation, sharing, win-win and common prosperity"

in addition, he also hopes that supplier partners will continue to strengthen technical cooperation with Sany and improve their ability to create value for customers

chenaiming spoke on behalf of all alliance members. He said that all members of the alliance are willing to deepen cooperation with Sany and "join hands with Sany to achieve win-win results"

cooperation results were full

during this period, yuanchunyan, Secretary General of the alliance, made a work report for the whole year. In the past year, Sany and its supplier partners have made many achievements in the fields of high-level mutual visits, product development, technology sharing, material standardization, technology cost reduction and production guarantee

technical cooperation is the focus area. According to statistics, in the past year, Sany has organized more than 100 technical exchanges with alliance members, and solved many core problems in power system, hydraulic system and other fields. If the market of the product is the tubing fracture field, the competitiveness and share will be further improved

meanwhile, during the peak production period of the industry in 2019, thanks to the strong support of supplier partners, the smooth operation of Sany host was ensured, assuming that the wrong production was connected, which effectively supported Sany's record entrepreneurial performance in the first half of the year

in order to thank the partners of the supplier polarizing microscope for their outstanding contributions, the conference awarded four awards, including "best Cooperation Award", "Best Innovation Award", "best guaranteed supply Award" and "best service award". A total of 20 alliance members won the awards

on the same day, the supplier alliance also welcomed 22 new members. Xiangwenbo, yixiaogang, chenaiming and other alliance leaders came to the stage to give them medals

during the summit, mountaineering activities and a grand dinner were also organized. Friends raised their glasses to wish the alliance better and better development and long-lasting friendship

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