Most train room managers should walk more

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Workshop managers should walk more

people are inert and easy to indulge in a comfortable environment. Rather than spend time sitting in the office, it's better to walk around the on-site workshop and learn more front-line information. Especially as a workshop manager, more time should be spent on "walk around management", that is, to "walk, look and listen to the scene, among which soybean protein research is the most common to listen to and ask". For workshop management, it mainly involves the following five aspects:

Quality Management

spot check the process report data when walking around the site, and immediately ask for improvement in case of abnormalities. Process control belongs to process control, A good process leads to a good result

as for the positions of enterprises that have not adopted recycling equipment, there are corresponding provisions, but there are gaps in the implementation process. Only through our walking management can we find the actual implementation

in terms of cost management

from the aspects of post manpower arrangement, raw material loss, water, electricity and steam consumption, etc., walk around the site and pay attention to the "running, emitting, dripping and leakage" of energy. The target of control performance scale must be detailed to every day, and it should be resolved on the day when it exceeds the standard, so as to achieve daily clearing and daily high

in terms of delivery management

daily, weekly and monthly equipment spot checks are carried out in normal work, and abnormalities are handled in time. Planned maintenance is required for the equipment, and PDCA cycle is used to improve the maintenance plan, so as to reduce the equipment failure rate and avoid affecting the delivery date

in terms of safety management

strengthen the safety awareness of all staff, constantly publicize and require, and the correction ability of supervisors should also be improved. The management should achieve prevention in advance, control in the process and summarize afterwards, but the focus of safety management is prevention in advance

in terms of morale management

the quality of team operation is closely related to personnel reserves in terms of content. Therefore, in terms of talent cultivation, we can do a good job in guiding from three aspects: knowledge, skills and attitude, and even improve the practical ability in all aspects through the form of job rotation

production is mainly managed around the above five aspects, which complement each other and are indispensable. But all these management belong to the sensing technology of cutting process and machine tool operation process of electronic universal experimental machine. The purpose of cutting process sensing detection is to optimize the productivity of cutting process, manufacturing cost or (metal) material removal rate. In the end, it is still the management of people, which comes down to human problems. However, because people are not machines and equipment, they have feelings and ideas, so the management of people should be sincere. Only by communicating well with subordinates, seeking common ground while reserving differences, developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses, can we make the best of people and materials

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