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Kodak's top ten cases of big data application practice "big data, use it"

at the just concluded 2016 Anbo Expo, the audience in front of the glittering ultra small spacing led splicing screen of Kodak booth was close to each other. Such a lively scene, on the one hand, is due to the shocking visual experience brought by the ultra small spacing led splicing screen, on the other hand, it is also due to the full dry volume of the large screen display content

the large screen presentation shows the audience the practical achievements of Kodak in applying big data to all walks of life through putting forward new uses for the company's materials in recent years. We have selected ten classic cases to share with you:

in order to adapt to the requirements of the export market as soon as possible, perceptual smart safe city - Nanning safe city has deployed nearly 10000 Kodak HD cameras along the "21st century Maritime Silk Road" city, including 2000 perceptual cameras; The back-end carries out image reconnaissance big data analysis by deploying image reconnaissance and synthetic combat platforms; 20pb cloud storage fully ensures the storage reliability of image data; Based on the combination of perception, cloud and big data, Nanning took the lead in implementing the vision of machine map recognition

the first demonstration site of nine ministries and commissions in China -- Ping'an city of Anping County

Ping'an City Federation of Anping County, including immersive presentation, flat command and scheduling, graphic reconnaissance and synthetic combat platform and visual command and scheduling system, to achieve the goal of joint construction of nine ministries and commissions with full coverage, full availability, full sharing and full process control

legal headlines: the path of safe construction in Xiamen -- safe city in Xiamen

realize the front-end connection of nearly 10000 monitoring routes in the city, and the back-end integrates Haiyan vehicle analysis, graphic reconnaissance and synthetic warfare platforms, bringing rich big data application results

big data application based on mobile policing - Weifang public security mobile policing

424 sets of mobile policing are deployed for the verification of personnel information in stations, highway crossings, railway stations, and government agencies. 100000 pieces of data are collected every day, laying the foundation for intelligence big data

all-round coverage of roads - the Suzhou intelligent transportation big data management and control platform

system has 4468 road video monitoring points, 276 guidance screens, 3100 lanes covered by checkpoints, 1655 sets of electric police, 346 sets of flow detection, 859 individual soldiers. It has realized the all-round coverage of Suzhou road traffic and in-depth data analysis applications such as data mining, comprehensive traffic situation monitoring, blocking point and chaos analysis

the first line of defense for Disney's large passenger flow -- HD monitoring around Shanghai Disneyland

on the six main supporting roads around the park, 140 sets of checkpoints and 119 HD road monitoring are deployed, and Kodak perceptual cameras are used to realize practical applications such as road congestion management, traffic accident analysis, emergency command and scheduling around the park

Zhenjiang Mode recommended by the Supreme People's Procuratorate -- Zhenjiang procuratorate surveillance residence

covers 9 surveillance residences, 23 interrogation rooms, 1 command center and 3 Command rooms, integrates high-definition monitoring system, intelligent security system, interrogation system and cloud storage system, and creates a four in one surveillance residence solution

interconnection and unified scheduling -- Anhui Provincial High Court centralized control center

adopts Koda immersive presentation, Build the centralized control center system of Anhui high court, and integrate the video information system of the provincial high court, 16 municipal intermediate courts, 100 grass-roots courts and 100 detention centers

Shanghai Lhasa, sharing of teaching resources -- outlook video classroom of Shanghai Jiaotong University

a standardized electronic examination room system was built for Shanghai Jiaotong University, covering more than 1000 classrooms. In the later stage, it was upgraded to a video classroom by adding a small amount of equipment and making full use of the old. It has many functions, such as course recording, live classroom, teaching supervision, and so on, so as to realize Shanghai Jiaotong University's support for Tibet University The network distance teaching of Ningxia University gives full play to the leverage of financial funds

informatization application of the national team hospital -- Xiangya Hospital Comprehensive cloud video

relying on the medical cloud video platform, the hospital has transformed 11 administrative meeting rooms, 83 department meeting rooms, and several operating rooms, with functions covering medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, management and other fields, so that Xiangya Hospital can successfully carry out remote discussion of difficult cases with 6 national top hospitals such as 301 Hospital of the people's Liberation Army and Ruijin Hospital

although the 2016 Anbo Expo has ended, our dream of using big data has never stopped. Let's review the grand occasion of Kodak booth:

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