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Optimistic about Yunnan cigarette packaging market, Weicheng group has made more than 300 million Nuggets

recently, the resolution of deformation measurement of the experimental machine carried by Yunnan's growing tobacco industry refers to the minimum accuracy of the measurement data of the photoelectric encoder of the experimental machine, and the minimum accuracy of the measurement of the servo speed regulation system. The business opportunities of printing and packaging materials are optimistic by foreign investors. Weicheng Group Holding Co., Ltd. aims at rare opportunities and has earned more than 300million yuan for itself

Weicheng group was listed on the main board of Hong Kong on March 26, 2004. Its subsidiaries include Hong Kong Weicheng, which deals in paper products, Hong Kong Nanjing Sanlong, which is engaged in printing and manufacturing cigarette packaging, and Shenzhen Weicheng, which is engaged in printing and manufacturing cigarette packaging and composite paper. At present, Wandi holographic technology company has been established in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, and shares in Kunming Weijian color printing company. At the 2004 World Tobacco Symposium and Expo, which opened on the 16th, Chen Liang, director of the technology center of Weicheng Group Holdings Co., Ltd., told that in the past year, Shenzhen Weicheng had a total revenue of 360million yuan, of which about 90% came from Yunnan. Many people in the industry suggest that this amount accounts for 1/10 of the cigarette packaging market in Yunnan. He revealed that this was due to the fact that Weicheng group targeted the Yunnan market and served Kunming and Qujing cigarette factories with printed cigarette packaging

Chen Liang said that the printing of new cigarette packaging materials is a rapidly growing sunrise industry. The field of tensile testing machines has been developed in China for several decades. The demand for packaging in Yunnan is increasing, and its demand for new materials is also expanding. On the other hand, in terms of the important position of Yunnan Tobacco in the country, it is undoubtedly a cigarette packaging material market that enterprises attach great importance to. At present, Weicheng group is working hard in the market with its scientific and technological research and development advantages, and competes with foreign enterprises of the same type with its 6 patents and more than 10 trademark patents

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