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Bag packaging suitable for high concentration chemicals

the detergent manufacturers interviewed believed that, unlike ordinary vertical bags, the oasis pro of Ecolab was 10 inches × The 9-inch bag is 6mm thick, and the bottom seat is angled and widened to 5 inches, so it will be more stable when placed vertically. They said that this kind of bag is easy to burn after use, which is very attractive for many industries, especially for users on ships

this bag uses the nozzle of IPN clean Clic, which can be well matched with the nozzle of Ecolab. Ecolab's head of packaging said that this nozzle, which is directly heat sealed into the corner of the bag, is an important invention. Because such a nozzle is used, users absolutely avoid any contact with the product. This nozzle is like a one-way valve. When the filling head or spray head is retracted, this nozzle is automatically sealed, so it is sealed safely when not in use

there are two-color pressure proof labels on this package. This label can withstand a series of powerful chemicals such as surfactants, corrosives, acids, etc. This product label has a color code corresponding to the spray position of oasis pro. For example, the pink on marble safe tells users to use it for the position indicated by the pink code, which reduces the possibility of improper use

improved the tightness of the package

the bag detergent package was released in early 2003. Before that, it was packed in 2.5 gallon HDPE cans and 32 Ounce Bottles of the same material. During the transformation from rigid to flexible packaging, Ecolab further saved packaging resources by doubling the concentration of previous products, which reduced the packaging weight by 82%. The new packaging improves the safety and meets the needs of storage and use. The smaller package size is also a good thing for customers. The original 2.5-gallon can weighs 28, which is the equipment that ordinary wood related customers will use: rotating wear tester. Other equipment has no requirements Pounds. Smaller packages are easier to handle and put, and take up less space

a survey shows that customers' opinions on bottles are concentrated in two aspects: leakage and easy contact with staff. In order to solve this kind of problem, this kind of packing is changed into vertical type, and the product is sealed. This improves the safety and stability of the product and is very popular with consumers

improves the safety of use

customers will always encounter the problem of misuse under the simultaneous action of stress and tension and wrong dilution. "Usually, customers feel that if it works at all, the more it works, the more it works. As a result, the solution they make is often much thicker than the appropriate concentration," said the head of packaging at Ecolab Customers store oasis Pro bag detergent in a dilution cabinet specially designed for them. One pipe from cabinet 2 According to the scale of the proportioning plate on the cabinet, directly pour the concentrated solution into the spray bottle (1 gallon per minute) or bucket (4 gallons per minute). A dilution cabinet can hold four different products. This kind of bag cleaning agent can be emptied in case of leakage

and the bag packaging cooperates the bag, nozzle and dilution cabinet. The color code simplifies the system and ensures the appropriate product and concentration. This product is sold in Europe, the United States and Canada. The secondary and primary packages are printed in English, Spanish and French. There are other five descriptions in the instructions. The price of each box is $30 to $100, and each box has two two two liter packages. The first full year sales exceeded their expectations

the main reason for the success of the product is packaging. The packaging head of Ecolab said that customers like this design, especially those hotels, hospitals, clinics and housekeeping companies. The main reason for the success of products should be attributed to packaging. This kind of packaging makes customers very interested, because they realize the benefits of this kind of packaging at once

because of its superior performance, the association of packaging practitioners (IOPP) awarded the title of "2003 American star" for standardized packaging. Ecolab believes that this packaging bag, which is designed strictly according to the function, also reflects the diversified development trend of this kind of material with excellent mechanical properties and UV resistance

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