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A case of repairing the pull gauge of Heidelberg 102v four-color offset press

in recent years, more printing plants use imported two. Due to the long service life of the equipment, some problems often occur, but the cost of replacing new parts is relatively high, especially the side gauge. Our factory has a Heidelberg 102v four-color offset press. In the process of use, it is found that sometimes the number of side gauge paper pulling cars is only more stable than that in the United States, the rear is not in place, and the positioning of the left and right rules is inaccurate. After opening the gauge, it was found that the slide of the gauge was seriously worn, and the three sides of the slide were bearing positions (plane pressure bearings), especially the bottom bearing positions. I press the power button on the dynamometer panel to instigate the light to light up, which proves that the power supply has started. They milled the bottom bearing position by 1.5mm on the milling machine, and then cut the old air pump blade into 55 mm by wire. The plastic industry is at the end of the petrochemical industry chain × 16mm × Put 1.5mm on the bearing position, and then replace it with a new bearing. After installation, the machine returns to normal

information source: printing technology Huang Hui Design Institute printing plant: Li Yuedong

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