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Automotive plastic parts suppliers expand investment

with the increasing quality requirements of China's automotive market, plastic parts suppliers in the automotive industry supply chain also began to increase investment

take French Faurecia, the world's sixth largest auto supplier, as an example. China accounted for less than 10% of the company's global sales of 17.4 billion euros last year. However, its sales in China increased. According to the different display and control methods, the cupping experimental machine of Jinan experimental machine factory can be divided into digital display type and microcomputer controlled type, which is faster than the market level, with an increase of 25% last year. The company expects its sales in China to double in the short term, from 1.5 billion euros in 2012 to 3.3 billion euros in 2016

at the Shanghai auto show in April, Faurecia announced the establishment of a joint venture with Chang'an Automobile Group, China's fourth largest automaker. The French company put four new plants into operation in 2012. In addition, it will build new auto interior manufacturing plants in Shenzhen and Hangzhou

Yann delabriere, chairman and CEO of Faurecia, said: China has developed into the world's largest auto market and has a steady growth prospect

this also means that the demand for plastic equipment will remain strong, especially the equipment that combines the world's advanced technology and can bring cost-effectiveness to the local market

johanesroters, vice president and general manager of automotive experience business under Johnson Controls, an American supplier, said: from a technical point of view, the Chinese market is no different from other markets. Multinational OEMs in China set the same standards for suppliers

ingridge Automotive Systems Co., Ltd., a European manufacturer of plastic fuel tanks, has also increased investment in recent years. The company built its first plastic oil tank plant in China in 2007, its second plant in 2011 and its third and fourth plants this year

the company will start construction of its fifth factory in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province next year, introducing its new double plate blow molding technology to China for the first time

GERD behnstedt, executive vice president of enterprise sales of yingruijie, mentioned that the fuel tank will be produced in Ningbo with double plate technology and supplied to a GM joint venture vehicle scheduled to be sold in China in 2015. He said: we will adopt the same fuel tank design as the United States and transfer the same technology to China

he said that the market share of plastic fuel tanks in the Chinese market is expected to rise rapidly, from about 50% now to 70% in 2020. In the United States and Western Europe, more than 90% of cars use plastic fuel tanks

plastic Omnium, the parent company of yingruijie, plans to build a total of seven new plants in China in the next two years. At present, there are 13 plants

last year, plastic Omnium's sales in China reached 475million euros, accounting for about 10% of the global sales of 4.8 billion euros

China is an important part of the development plan of plastic Omnium. The company launched 98 new auto projects worldwide last year, 30 of which are in China

this strongly indicates that the company's sales in China will continue to rise. This company is currently the largest manufacturer of automobile bumpers and the second largest manufacturer of plastic fuel tanks in China for most of the use of high molecular polymers

he said: This is the result of our long-term efforts in this market

for many international suppliers operating in China, the growth of demand mainly comes from multinational car companies, such as Ford and Toyota, as well as joint ventures, rather than domestic independent brand car manufacturers

of course, all suppliers have expressed great interest in cooperating with local automobile manufacturers, such as Geely and BYD, and they have begun to undertake the projects of these companies

but from a practical point of view, if the experimental product list 1, the main factor driving the sales growth of multinational auto parts suppliers in China is the multinational auto manufacturers in China

yingdongjiakou economic zone is one of the top 10 functional zones in the West Coast new area of Qingdao. Behnstedt of Ruijie said: not many Chinese OEMs use plastic fuel tanks to replace steel fuel tanks. We mainly cooperate with [multinational automobile manufacturers] joint ventures, and their factories in China are developing rapidly

similarly, only about 10% of Faurecia's business in China last year came from domestic independent brand automobile manufacturers

in the medium and long term, this proportion is expected to rise to 20%, but it is unlikely to exceed the proportion of multinational brands, Olivier Le fried, a spokesman for Faurecia, said in an interview with this magazine at the Shanghai auto show

he said: we will double the business volume with local brands, but the joint ventures of multinational manufacturers in China will still dominate the market and our sales

figures from Faurecia show that although Chinese local auto brands have received a certain degree of attention, they are relatively backward in implementation and interest in the latest technologies in the global supply chain

for Faurecia, in 2012, Chinese local automakers accounted for only 1% of its total global sales

however, local auto manufacturers are very eager to improve to improve their competitiveness and better respond to the continuously improving quality requirements of domestic auto consumers, said roters of Johnson Controls

he said: local OEMs have understood If we are not eliminated by the market and maintain growth, we must work hard on quality. In terms of interior decoration, we can support them here. Not only Johnson Controls, but also other multinational automotive suppliers

moreover, multinational suppliers should pay attention to all Chinese auto brands, because in the highly competitive Chinese market environment, it is difficult to predict which auto manufacturer will eventually become the leader, Lynette Jackson, a spokesman for Trinasolar automotive company, headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, said in an interview at the Shanghai auto show

she said: given the huge growth potential of this market, no one wants to miss any customers

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