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Songyuan strengthens the regulatory support for its benzotriazole stabilizers

operate according to the document instructions. Songyuan strengthens the regulatory support for its benzotriazole stabilizers

June 14, 2016

[China paint information] in recent years, Songyuan customers are facing new regulatory challenges brought by UV absorbers, especially benzotriazole products that guide market utilization and capital investment when dealing with the light stability of plastics and coatings. In particular, the forthcoming REACH regulations have brought many problems and concerns to customers

Songyuan, as the world's second largest manufacturer of polymer stabilizers and a major supplier of UV absorbers and benzotriazole products, has recently focused on addressing these challenges. Songyuan decided to further strengthen regulatory support to help its UV absorber customers meet the challenges, understand the upcoming regulatory issues related to various Benzotriazole Compounds, and how to choose the appropriate technical solutions

Elena scaltritti, head of polymer stabilizer business unit, pointed out: "We are pleased to announce that we are bringing this additional service to important customers, which is consistent with our long-term strategy and aims to provide global regulatory support to customers. Songyuan's regulatory affairs team is very professional and experienced, and they will also provide customers with in-depth support on UV absorbers, while ensuring that they accurately select the right stabilizer to shorten the long approval time."

Songyuan not only has professional knowledge of internal regulations, but also has the professional support of chemservice, a leading service provider, which can help Songyuan prepare for international and domestic chemical control regulations and ensure compliance

"for the action mode designed by some polymer additives, in-depth scientific observation may be required," said Dr. Dieter drohmann, managing director of chemservice. "However, toxicological characteristics and unwanted properties must be obtained on the basis of substances rather than chemical classification." These complex regulations are full of challenges for customers, so the services provided by Songyuan and chemservice are so. The company's suppliers in the Asia Pacific region include two modification plants: Goldilocks in Guangzhou, China and Clariant in New Zealand

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