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based on the leading driving technology and control technology, inveterate takes technological innovation and process innovation as the core to provide personalized, professional, integrated and intelligent solutions for customers in the textile industry

inverton has been working in the textile industry for 13 years, and continues to cultivate sub industries. It will not continuously improve the process electronization level in these fields in August 2013. Develop customized and highly integrated system solutions for customers in different industries, create value for OEM customers and end users in the industry, and promote the textile industry to move towards the path of electronic technology and intelligent equipment

inverton has established excellent products and solutions for customers and industry systems such as asset securitization in many sectors, such as water jet looms, air-jet looms, texturing machines, electronic take-up and let off, chemical fiber splitting machines, staple fiber doubling machines, carding machines, roving machines, spinning machines, rotor spinning machines, shuttleless looms, needle machines, non-woven fabric production lines, chemical fiber production lines, etc. In this textile exhibition, NVIDIA will highlight its breakthroughs in improving the efficiency, reliability and productivity of textile machinery and equipment in the fields of chemical fiber area, spinning area and weaving area

ws9 almost supports half of the carton industry. 00 intelligent integrated water jet loom control system is a new generation solution independently developed by NVIDIA, which is suitable for mainstream water jet looms at home and abroad. The system adopts modular and distributed design, intelligent control of water jet loom, and supports customization requirements such as pattern board, electric power coil, electronic jacquard, electronic dobby, super start frequency conversion, etc

poster of ws900 intelligent integrated water jet loom control system

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