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Ju Shui and BASF jointly develop nano coatings

Ju Shui and BASF jointly develop nano PAN based carbon fiber, which is the mainstream rice coating in the carbon fiber Market

210. The machined surface of instrument parts September 2, 2004

BASF company of Ju Shui chemical industry company in Japan has successfully developed a new high-performance nano coating. The product has a unique molecular structure, which improves the optical properties, heat sealing performance and thermal welding performance of the material. Using this new technology, it is pre compounded with organic matter, and then colloidized for application in coatings. In addition, nano water is suitable for measuring the hardness of aluminum profiles quickly and conveniently. After the inorganic particles with flat hardness form a film, they are distributed on the surface of the film. After compounding with organic components, the surface hardness is improved and a dense coating is formed. Its performance is superior to that of silicone resin and fluororesin, and it has excellent pollution resistance and cleaning recovery

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