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Analysis on the future of intelligent driving: the global market will present two camps

Abstract: the foundation of China's automotive electronic semiconductor industry is relatively weak. At present, only a few products can enter the global automotive supply chain. Therefore, domestic enterprises need to further increase their R & D investment and enhance their core technical strength

with the joint promotion of scientific and technological enterprises and automobile manufacturers, intelligent driving is experiencing rapid development, and a variety of innovative technologies and solutions are constantly being implemented. Experts believe that the global intelligent driving market will present two camps in the future, and as the world's largest automobile production and marketing country, Chinese enterprises will also gain huge development opportunities

intelligent driving technology accelerates the landing

intelligent driving has become a hot spot in the global automotive industry. At this year's Shanghai auto show, various intelligent driving technologies have attracted the attention of countless audiences, making people feel the infinite charm brought by intelligent driving at close range

a few days ago, ulsee, an artificial intelligence enterprise, demonstrated its comprehensive integration scheme in intelligent driving to the outside world in Shanghai, including driver fatigue detection and warning system, front safety warning system, 3D panoramic driving monitoring image system, etc

wuyida, general manager of intelligent driving business department of ulsee, said that ulsee has successfully integrated the artificial intelligence technology into the driving system seamlessly and successfully implemented it in the actual operation and application. At present, some well-known automobile manufacturers at home and abroad have installed this intelligent driving integration scheme

the application of intelligent driving technology will significantly improve driving safety. It can be seen from the scene that the ulsee driver fatigue detection and warning system can identify whether the driver is distracted, tired, deviated from the lane and other behaviors through the recognition, monitoring and tracking of the driver's face, as well as the staring tracking of the driver's eyeball and precise pupil budget, and send an alarm at the first time to ensure driving safety

more and more automobile manufacturers are taking intelligence and automatic driving technology as new "selling points". At this year's Shanghai auto show, Volkswagen launched an autonomous driving experience, Nissan exhibited a concept car that can be driverless on the highway, and Mercedes Benz S class upgraded its auxiliary driving function... All these undoubtedly indicate that the smart driving has come

in the face of the attractive business opportunities in the intelligent driving market, many listed companies such as Junsheng electronics, top group, Shuanglin Co., Ltd. and Wan'an technology are competing to layout this "blue ocean". In the view of professional research institutions, the intelligent driving industry will accelerate next

the global market will present two camps

some time ago, a "sky high price acquisition" became the focus of the industry: Intel, the global chip giant, announced that it would acquire Mobileye, an Israeli automatic driving company, at a price of US $15.3 billion (about 100billion yuan)

in this regard, Intel CEO Ke Zaiqi said that this time 2. Torque loading: hanging the torque loading rod on the load flange is a great progress for the automotive industry and even consumers who are constantly increasing their costs. After Intel acquires Mobileye, it can provide high-performance solutions from cloud to vehicle for automobile manufacturers at a lower cost, and accelerate the promotion of intelligent driving

"the acquisition of Mobileye means that the global intelligent driving will be divided into two camps". Wuyida said that one is NVIDIA and Tesla camp, and the other is Mobileye and Intel camp. One thing the two camps have in common is that their operations must use high-order acceleration

for the domestic intelligent driving industry, the new "Apollo" program launched by Baidu may be more meaningful. Recently, Baidu has provided an open, complete and safe software platform to partners in the automotive industry and the field of automatic driving to help them quickly build a complete auto drive system of their own. As one of the global participants in the field of driverless, Baidu has also become the first enterprise to open driverless technology from the system level

in wuyida's view, just like the Android operating system in the market, Baidu's open source intelligent driving system will attract more R & D personnel to make use of Baidu's shiny appearance, no impurities, no foam, coke and color changing platform for customization (personalized customization). The industry will develop in this direction in the future, but who will win depends on whether the enterprise has its own core technology

Chinese enterprises still have development opportunities

at present, the competition for the global intelligent driving market is heating up day by day, and it interconnection enterprises, suppliers and automobile manufacturers have entered the market one after another

the industry believes that the intelligent driving industry chain usually covers the underlying hardware layer, operating system layer, middleware layer, application software layer and HMI layer. With the competitive mergers and acquisitions of multinational companies, the global intelligent driving industry is forming a monopoly situation in the underlying technical support

according to the Research Report of China Merchants Securities, intelligent driving is expected to open a trillion market in the future. Automotive electronics has become the core of the future automotive industry, Estimated 2020 "Car seats are also all plastic. In, the global automotive electronics will account for 50% of the total vehicle value. Personalized and intelligent automotive consumer demand and the active layout of supply side manufacturers will jointly catalyze the arrival of intelligent driving outlets.

nowadays, the development trend of intelligent cars and car couplets has been established, and China is the world's largest automotive production and marketing country, and will certainly become an important global automotive electronics consumption and application market in the future. However One situation that cannot be ignored is that in 2016, none of the top ten automotive semiconductor manufacturers in the world was selected as a Chinese enterprise

experts pointed out that the foundation of China's automotive electronic semiconductor industry is relatively weak. At present, only a few products can enter the global automotive supply chain. Therefore, domestic enterprises need to further increase their R & D investment and enhance their core technical strength

wuyida believes that after Baidu open source, enterprises can "stand on the shoulders of giants", find a market segment, and realize rapid landing with the help of Baidu's platform, which is the fastest way. "Whoever can achieve the landing as soon as possible is expected to obtain more market opportunities"

"in the field of intelligent driving, Chinese enterprises still have huge development opportunities in the future.". Ye Zhouxiang, CEO of ulsee, said that intelligent driving will certainly appear in the future. Compared with automobile manufacturers that have developed overseas for many years, Chinese enterprises do not have to bear the burden of the past. With policy support, Chinese enterprises will have a good development prospect

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