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The best mobile cloud office is a free enterprise im carrier pigeon. Recently, the public transport price adjustment solicitation ended, and the rise of subway fares has almost been set. While enjoying the convenience, punctuality and rapidity of the subway, our pace of life is also changing unconsciously. Taking the above classes as an example, it often takes two hours to commute every day, and nearly one month in a year is crowded out in the subway or bus; After the price rise, the cost of this part of the time will rise further, which should be paid more attention and reasonably used to achieve the purpose of mobile office

time is like water in a sponge. You can squeeze it into the subway

if you take the subway to work every day, 1/12 of your life time will be swayed in this narrow space. With the popularization of mobile Internet, the scope of work can be infinitely expanded. Even in the subway, you can easily use the enterprise instant messaging software (EIM) for mobile office as long as you take it out. Time is good, work is good, squeeze into the subway

for today's office workers, the desk is paved on time. In order to make effective use of the two hours of commuting, many office workers began to use free mobile office software such as carrier pigeons. Using the organizational structure of the enterprise im carrier pigeon, they can not only initiate instant messaging with the internal members of the enterprise anytime and anywhere, but also communicate quickly; Can you participate in and use it on the end? Let me briefly tell you a few kinds of office affairs to easily and freely carry out cloud office

like most office workers, Zhang Heng lives outside the Fifth Ring Road and commutes 17 kilometers every day. After using the carrier pigeon for office, he commented that the application of end-to-end mobile office tools makes my business processing no longer constrained by the cramped space in the subway, and there is no need to read about the handrail or the pile of pendulum tensile testing machines. At present, few people in the market use data to tangle, and it also avoids the embarrassment of having to put a laptop on their legs to stimulate the entrepreneurial and innovative vitality of small and medium-sized enterprises

carrier pigeons in hand, working on the road

like Zhang Heng, many people think that it is a luxury to spend not only eight hours a day at work, but also two extra hours in the shaking underground. Therefore, using the carrier pigeon of enterprise IM software as a cloud office for mobile office on the subway is not only to pass the time, but also to save time

sometimes, Zhang Heng is even more willing to save some scattered small jobs for the subway: reading quietly in a better office environment; Use carrier pigeons in the subway to make schedules, follow up tasks, participate in voting, review documents, or connect to the subway WiFi to play a free VoIP

the organizational structure of carrier pigeon supports grouping by department and region, showing the number, e-mail, job and other information of hundreds of people in the company, which enables Zhang Heng to carry out collaborative work across departments in real time, greatly improving efficiency. The messages and transactions of carrier pigeon's PC and terminal are synchronized. Even if they are not in front of the computer, they will not miss any important information

there is no privacy in the carriage when using homing pigeons on the subway. People can see every word on the carriage. Of course, it is not what he wants to see. It is really crowded and can not hide. Due to its high molecular weight, it has incomparable excellent impact resistance, wear resistance, self lubrication, chemical corrosion resistance and other properties of other plastics; In this case, I prefer to use carrier pigeon mobile office rather than private instant messaging software

the business function of carrier pigeon shows a very cool office interface. From task, announcement, voting to organizational structure, the exquisite planar business style is extremely competitive. Zhang Heng believes that homing pigeon is a very sentimental software

in addition to the advantages of beautiful interface, complete free and cross platform interoperability, carrier pigeon is also a tool that attaches great importance to user experience. Whether the office functions such as announcement, agenda, task, voting, topic discussion, or each message, picture, voice sent will be marked as read or unread. This enables Zhang Heng to accurately know whether each work link has been known by his colleagues, and carry out timely and targeted communication and adjustment. Carrier pigeon is a very convenient enterprise instant messaging and collaborative office tool

when the price rise of public transport is a foregone conclusion, it is indeed a wise move to improve the utilization of fragmented time through carrier pigeon, an enterprise instant messaging software, so as to save a large amount of time and do more meaningful things

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