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After looking at so many cases, I found that the quality of the original TV cabinet is very important for the living room

previously, Nini felt that it was better not to adjust the TV cabinet, and he didn't choose the style, which was almost all right

nitrogen. Now after looking at so many cases, I found that the quality of the TV cabinet is very important to the living room

generally speaking, the TV cabinet has two functions, one is practical storage, and the other is the beautification of the living room

it has to be said that choosing a suitable TV cabinet will add points to the grade of the whole living room ~

common TV cabinets include: floor type TV cabinet, combined TV cabinet, and TV wall cabinet occupying a whole wall

A-shaped floor cabinet TV cabinet

everyone has different preferences and chooses different decoration design schemes. Some friends like to do decorative design on the TV wall, and the demand for TV cabinets is just simple storage. Nini suggests that you can choose the simplest zigzag floor cabinet

this kind of TV cabinet is not eye-catching, just can highlight our carefully decorated TV wall

a simple one line TV cabinet can be used to place DVD players and some wires and data cables, so that the table top does not appear too messy

when choosing a TV cabinet, try to choose one that can hide the DVD player and is not easy to get gray

put the row plug, data cable and other small things into the drawer, and leave a clean table to place oneortwo photo frames and green plants, which will make the living room look cleaner ~

combined TV cabinet

the floor cabinet TV cabinet in the shape of a line is not large, which is suitable for families with little demand for the storage of the living room. If you often put some sundries in the living room at home, it may not be applicable

Nini suggests that you can use a combined TV cabinet. The storage capacity of the combination of floor cabinet and hanging cabinet is much stronger than that of a simple floor cabinet

The L-shaped combined floor cabinet has twice the storage space than the ordinary one

if you want the greening of the living room to be stronger, you can add a small hanging cabinet + laminate to put more green plants

in addition to green plants and decorative decorations, we can also put books and magazines we usually read here

in general, our usage habits, the open grid is used to put books and magazines; Children's toys, audio-visual equipment, and emergency medicine are packed in the closet

therefore, when choosing combined TV cabinets, try to choose the styles of open cabinets and hidden cabinets

like this, books and magazines are placed outside, and it is convenient to read in the living room at ordinary times

small items such as sewing boxes, scissors, backup batteries, etc. are all put into the closet. These things are troublesome to tidy up and easy to appear messy. They can be hidden in the cabinet

put aside the practical storage function, the layout of the combined TV cabinet is staggered, and then decorated with color jumps, just like a dazzling decoration in the living room

the scattered lattice combination, coupled with a touch of bright mango yellow ornament, the whole living room space has become vibrant

TV wall cabinet

if the living room at home is spacious and square, you might as well try the following TV wall cabinet with large storage space. The cabinet design of the whole wall is generous and high-grade

and the most important thing is that the storage ability is super strong. There is basically no need to configure a storage cabinet in the living room, just use it

first of all, such a TV cabinet acts as a TV background wall. High appearance has a decorative effect. With it, you don't have to consider what kind of background wall to make

the European style carving design can not improve the grade of the TV cabinet. Such a TV cabinet must be a bright existence in the living room

compared with the slotted and combined TV cabinet, such a TV wall cabinet integrates the storage space of a whole wall and ranks first in storage strength

with it, no matter how many things in the living room are not afraid

equipped with some glass door closets, there is a different effect ~

the TV wall cabinet with symmetrical design is generous and dignified, which is very suitable for large family living rooms

finally, if you are a wine lover, you can try to combine the TV cabinet with the wine cabinet, which can be used for two purposes

the style of TV cabinet can be selected according to the house type and needs of our home. TV cabinets with different styles and shapes have different advantages and strengths. We can customize one suitable for our home

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