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Rongshida Pinguan new style: family decoration is not only to live or increase storage space, but also to pursue quality of life. And a good life is nothing better than investing in your body. Today, talk about health products

Rongshida Pinguan new style: family decoration should not only be able to live or increase storage space, but also pursue quality of life. And a good life is nothing better than investing in your body. Today, let's talk about the new contestant of health quality household appliances - Rongshida Pinguan household fresh air system. I won't say much about the necessity of installing fresh air. Everyone can baidu. In the current air environment, the fresh air system will gradually become a standard configuration

netizens' experience after installing the fresh air system:

1. Our home is facing the street. After closing the windows and ventilation, the home is very clean and free of noise

2. After the windows are closed and ventilated, there is basically no dust in the room. The original open book rack has a dust mark every time the cleaning book is removed

3. The bedroom is too small. The windows should be closed for noise and privacy. Carbon dioxide and oxygen in the confined space will be insufficient and chest tightness will occur. It is much more comfortable with fresh air

4. I have been pregnant some time ago, and now my daughter-in-law is also pregnant for three months. The decorated house is also afraid of formaldehyde and benzene. Now the house can be ventilated at any time, forming indoor circulation and air convection. Formaldehyde removal by fresh air is definitely fake, and formaldehyde will volatilize from furniture decoration materials. What fresh air can do is dilute formaldehyde with fresh air, and then exhaust it to achieve air replacement, which is fresh air at any time

Rongshida Pinguan fresh air: focus on the timing of fresh air installation:

unlike ordinary household appliances, fresh air system is not a product directly used by plugging in electricity, but requires professional scheme design and installation, so that the whole fresh air system can give full play to its role

the installation of whole house fresh air fans is required at the right time. There will be no such store after this village, which is the same as choosing central air conditioning and wall mounted air conditioning. When it comes to the punching of walls and the arrangement of pipe vents, it really can't be installed at any time

Rongshida Pinguan fresh air: houses without decoration are suitable for installing fresh air systems. When doing water and electricity, ask engineers to visit the installation environment, communicate the pipe layout plan, equipment installation location, and the reserved positions of sockets and jacks. Arrange to lay the air duct before carpentry starts. At this time, the wall has not been treated, and the ceiling has not been carried out, so it is suitable. For the installation of the equipment host, the ceiling machine is arranged in front of the ceiling, and the cabinet machine can be arranged synchronously with the furniture

missed the installation opportunity of central fresh air,

what are the remaining options and costs

the decorated house can also be installed with fresh air system. If you prefer the ducted fresh air of the whole house, you need to be fully prepared. It is likely that your home needs a secondary partial ceiling to hide the air duct; Or directly exposed part of the air duct, the appearance may not be so beautiful, but the air quality of the whole room will be much better than that without equipment. It is really unwilling to accept exposed pipes. Small houses can adopt the direct blowing mode without laying air ducts

Rongshida Pinguan fresh air: instead of accepting open management and other methods, friends who have finished decoration can only choose wall mounted fresh air system. The advantage of wall mounted installation is that it does not need to go through pipes and is suitable for use in a single room. However, the disadvantage is that PM2.5 has weak elimination ability. It sounds like the rest of the choices are not so bad, but home decoration needs to be integrated. Even if it can be remedied at the end of the lack of function, it cannot make up for the damage to the integrity of the decoration. Simply take an example: the machine that can be placed on the balcony can not affect the indoor cleanliness at all, but because it is not considered to be placed in the bedroom, the integrity of the decoration is really out of question (the impact on the product performance is not included here)

other purchasing skills:

1. The family must use the heat exchange system, which can really save the consumption of air conditioning and heating, and the comfort is also higher

2. We must choose PM2.5 with high filtration efficiency. We should pay attention to this. Now the filtration effect of mainstream ceiling models is relatively general, and the filtration effect is not satisfactory for serious haze in autumn and winter. Therefore, choosing a brand must depend on the actual evaluation effect

3. Opinions vary on the selection of electrostatic precipitation and physical filter screen filtration. I recommend electrostatic type, which can sterilize and prevent all kinds of influenza and other airborne diseases. And because it can be washed, the cost of consumables in the later stage is low

4. It is recommended not to blindly follow foreign brands, let alone be confused by the so-called foreign manufacturing. It is the right solution to carefully see the quality of the fresh air system. Zhongguancun Online and China Academy of Building Sciences have jointly contributed a grand drama of horizontal evaluation of fresh air system. The results show that the performance of domestic fresh air brands is not inferior to that of foreign brands

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Pinguan smart air is the brand of fresh air system under Rongshida Group. With the development of domestic economy, the air quality is getting worse and worse. As an emerging industry, fresh air system comes into being with the deterioration of the environment. As a new concept and demand of life, fresh air has become a necessary configuration for schools, hospitals, office buildings, families, underground garages, entertainment places and other places. More and more people of insight attach importance to improving air quality and ensuring the health of their families. Welcome people with lofty ideals with entrepreneurial dreams to join us

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