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Life is easy, but heaven is hard to grow old. Every year, there is Double Ninth Festival. Today, there is Double Ninth Festival. The ninth day of the ninth lunar month is a traditional festival in China. Of course, its other name may be more meaningful

life is easy, but it is difficult to grow old.

Double Ninth Festival every year, and today is double ninth day.

the ninth day of the ninth lunar month is a traditional festival in China.

of course, its other name may be more meaningful.

this day can also be called old people's day.

it can be said that Double Ninth Festival is the father's day and mother's day of Chinese people.

there may be countless kinds of love for parents.

maybe company, Maybe it's a conversation

maybe it's choosing a wooden door suitable for them

color is the core of parents' attention

log color door is often their first choice

of course, Considering home style and other factors, light colored and even colored wooden doors are gradually loved by parents.

log colored wooden doors

in the eyes of the elderly,

log colored wooden doors (furniture)

almost represent the orthodox color of wooden doors (furniture)

log color has environmental protection, natural natural natural attributes

can make the sensory system peaceful Calm

is like wisdom polished by years

has a natural echo with the elderly

light colored wooden doors

light colored wooden doors

are generally white, beige and gray

its biggest aesthetic feature is introverted and soft

and highly tolerant visually

and floors of different colors Furniture

walls can be versatile

light colored wooden doors are inherently elegant

in daily life

brings not only the feeling of mood to the elderly

visually more comfortable and fresh

colored wooden doors

life needs to be more colorful

whether young people or old people

our home is the same as life

needs attention.Some vitality and color

and color is wood Door

is the best spokesman for this vitality

it can make appropriate eyes on the room

so that what you see and what you see every day can be adjusted in color

no matter what color the choice of wooden door

is the best

today's Double Ninth Festival, walk with love

when climbing high and stepping on autumn, appreciating chrysanthemums and inserting Cornus

remember to be with your parents for a long time (IX) for a long time (IX)




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