Vertical crusher makes a good combination of organ

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Vertical crusher plays a combination of organic fertilizer and agriculture

vertical crusher plays a combination of organic fertilizer and agriculture

Qiqihar city held a training meeting on livestock and poultry breeding fecal pollution remediation and household investigation of pollution sources. At the training meeting, deputy director Li Daxin made a mobilization speech. He pointed out that all participants in the training should deeply understand the significance of this training. The general investigation of agricultural pollution sources is one of the main contents of the national general investigation of pollution sources, The general survey of livestock and poultry breeding pollution sources is also an important part of the general survey of agricultural pollution sources. Doing a good job of this work is conducive to comprehensively mastering the current situation of livestock and poultry breeding pollution in our city, boosting the battle of prevention and control of livestock and poultry breeding pollution, and playing a positive role in the adjustment of animal husbandry structure, optimization of production layout, and promotion of green development in our city. At the same time, it is emphasized that we should be prepared to grasp the key points of training, do a good job in household investigation, ensure a clear bottom line, cooperate with each other to ensure effectiveness, master the standard content, and ensure that the service guidance is in place. We hope that everyone will seriously study and study, recognize the responsibility of the situation, adhere to the goal orientation, highlight the key links, and vigorously and orderly promote the remediation of livestock and poultry feces and the census of pollution sources. Next, the relevant person in charge explained in detail the general survey plan of livestock and poultry breeding sources pollution in Heilongjiang Province and the requirements for filling in the household questionnaire of livestock and poultry breeding sources general survey. Members of the Industrial Alliance for the resource utilization of manure made special explanations on "scientific utilization ways of livestock and poultry manure", "practical process technology mode and supporting facilities and equipment for the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure"

the vertical crusher is a non screen, adjustable crushing equipment optimized and designed on the basis of absorbing advanced fine crushing equipment at home and abroad. It is widely applicable to one of the mainstream equipment of fertilizer and mineral processing equipment. The vertical crusher can be used to crush organic fertilizer and livestock manure, as well as limestone, cement clinker, mixtures, gypsum, coal gangue, slag, copper ore, iron ore and other materials. It is also one of the most common crushing equipment used in the compound fertilizer industry. It is suitable for the crushing of raw materials and returns ・

the working process of the vertical crusher: materials enter from the feed inlet and collide with the high-speed rotating chain hammer in the shell, After impact, the materials are extruded and broken, and then hit the inner wall of the casing. After counterattack, they collide with the chain hammer. In this way, in the process of falling, after several impacts, they become powder and are discharged from the lower part

structure composition of vertical crusher: the structure is composed of shell, shaft seat, main shaft, chain hammer, chain hammer support, motor and other parts The power coupling drives the main shaft to rotate. The main shaft has a bearing, which is installed on the upper end of the housing. The main shaft is equipped with a chain hammer and a chain hammer support, and the charging bucket is installed on the upper part of the housing. In order to facilitate the loading and unloading of the chain hammer, a valve is opened on the housing for easy disassembly, assembly and maintenance

characteristics of vertical crusher:

(1) simple and reasonable structure and low operation cost

(2) high crushing rate and energy saving

(3) it has the functions of fine crushing and coarse grinding

(4) it is less affected by the moisture content of the material, and the moisture content can reach about 30%

description of performance characteristics of vertical crusher:

1 Shell: the feed hopper and cylinder are welded with steel plates. An access door is set on the shell for maintenance

2. Rotor parts: the rotor parts are mainly composed of main shaft, flat key, rotor frame, shaft sleeve, etc. the main shaft is supported by heavy roller bearings, which can have stability when the material load is large, and prolong the service life of the bearing at the same time

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