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Analysts pointed out that the supply of iron ore may become more relaxed

Guide: according to the data on the rise and fall list of bulk commodities recently launched by the business agency, a bulk commodity data consulting agency, in the first half of this year, China imported 334million tons of iron ore, an increase of 8.1% compared with the same period last year, showing a trend of high import before low import. The monitoring data also showed that the average price of iron ore at the beginning of July was 1210 yuan/ton

according to the data on the list of commodity price rises and falls recently launched by the bulk commodity data consulting agency business society, in the first half of this year, China's iron ore imports totaled 334million tons, an increase of 8.1% compared with the same period last year, showing a trend of high import before low import. The monitoring data also showed that in July, the average price of iron ore at the beginning of the month was 1210 yuan/ton, and the average price at the end of the month was 1245 yuan/ton, an increase of 2.89%, which promoted the wide utilization ratio of new materials such as high-performance concrete, special cement, special coating, functional glass, high-performance steel, waterproof, fireproof, thermal insulation and sound insulation to increase by 17.9%, and the trading volume increased

Chen Kai, an analyst, said that in the second half of the year, the supply-demand relationship of iron ore is expected to gradually become loose, and the price of imported iron ore is difficult to rise significantly. However, the market will be strongly supported by the huge domestic steel production capacity and the full commencement of affordable housing projects. The price of iron ore will continue to show a high-level oscillation and consolidation trend, and even if it falls back, the decline will be limited

according to the data provided by another consulting agency, at present, the orders for imported ore have increased slightly, and the price of the outer market has risen by a narrow margin. Now, the CIF price of 63.5% fine ore in India in China is USD/ton; The spot price of iron ore at the port remained stable, and the steel plant was cautious in purchasing

Liu Hui, an analyst, judged this batch of products as unqualified. He said that the iron concentrate Market in some parts of northern China continued to rise slightly, and the supply of market resources was not sufficient. The steel mills were forced to raise the purchase price, but the purchase situation was still not very good. The East China and South China markets remained stable. Due to the uncertainty of the steel market, the iron ore market was not very active and the wait-and-see atmosphere was strong

according to Liu Hui's analysis, the price rise of imported iron ore is mainly affected by many factors, such as the support of the domestic steel market and the speculation of domestic and foreign news. Considering the tight monetary policy and strict real estate control measures in the first half of the year, the steel market demand will slow down in the second half of the year, thus inhibiting the purchase of iron ore. however, as an important influencing factor, it is difficult to predict the affordable housing temporarily, which depends on the market commencement

due to the comprehensive influence of various factors, iron ore prices will continue to rise at a high level and narrow range in the near future, but the channel of continuous rise or decline has not appeared. The huge volume

data also showed that in July this year, there were 9 kinds of commodities with month on month growth in the steel plate, and the top 3 commodities with growth were stainless steel plate (3.78%), iron ore (2.89%), and cold rolled plate (1.92%); There was a total of one commodity with month on month decline, which was color coated plate (-2.86%)

Liu Hui said that the national building materials market continued to rise steadily on the 3rd. Affected by the news of a new round of structural adjustment in the iron and steel industry, the production of low value-added construction steel products in the early stage was less, resulting in a shortage of resources and a resurgence of price vitality in the near future

on the one hand, due to the impact of capital, the construction of construction sites around the country is limited, the situation of continuous weak demand has not been improved, and the demand for steel driven by affordable housing has not been significantly reflected; On the other hand, recently, some second-line steel mills have taken maintenance measures due to the limited power supply, and the investment in market resources continues to decrease, forming a strong support for the high market price. In the short term, the market may still hover at a high level

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