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Analyzing the two common challenges faced by the global printing industry

jiafuhe printing and packaging products Co., Ltd., located in Tangxia Town, Dongguan City, is a typical OEM enterprise in Dongguan. More than 90% of the printing and packaging products of the factory are exported. According to Zhang Chunan, the boss of the company, the number of employees of the company has been reduced from 180 to 80 or 90 before the financial crisis. It is not that there is no order. Since 2010, the labor cost has risen The cost of raw materials rose too sharply, but the customer did not agree to the price increase. Without bargaining power, they had to give up many orders. At present, the average monthly salary of factory workers is 2000 yuan, and many employees pay their salaries by piece work

these are two common challenges faced by the global printing industry. Where should printing enterprises go in the midst of such internal and external difficulties? But from another point of view, today's printing is more creative and efficient than ever before. Through numerous post press processing methods, smells, augmented reality elements, three-dimensional depiction, personalization, customization, and almost unlimited printing materials, the printing effect is still indisputable. Manroland's mansnname w:st= "on" productid= "long"> Dr. long believes that printing is an ideal medium for transmitting information, content and emotional experience, which is incomparable and unmatched by any other medium

this is the advantage of printing in terms of technology and user experience. At the same time, the growing maturity of digital printing technology also provides a new business model and development direction for printing enterprises. In the past, whether it was automobile manufacturing, printing or publishing, the business model of all walks of life was mass production, and then a large number of sales. Many products were put in the warehouse, and then slowly sold. Now, all these have undergone fundamental changes. There are orders before production, and personalized production is realized according to different orders. This also determines that the demand for digital printing, especially in the publishing industry, will become greater and more urgent, which is a new opportunity for digital printing in publication printing

now we can feel that digital printing is facing an increasingly large market, which is mainly reflected in two aspects. One is personalized direct marketing, namely DM, but we must add personalization, because there are many direct mail now, and personalized direct marketing may not be a new concept for many people, Now it has shape memory performance and biocompatibility (Figures 2 and 3 have your name on many advertisements, but this is not really direct marketing, because everyone gets the same content, but different names and addresses. Only when each of us gets something, not only different names and addresses, but also different contents according to everyone's preferences, this is personalized direct mail.

the other is personalized publishing Material printing. Combining digital publishing with traditional publishing, the author believes that in the future, personalized book publishing can be realized in a real sense, and readers can customize their favorite book publishing and printing. Combining digital publishing with traditional publishing, readers can more directly participate in the publishing process and contribute content and creativity through community and social networking, which will certainly reinterpret the publishing industry. It will also bring a new blue ocean for digital printing

however, there is still no 100% digital publishing in China, and the application of digital printing in the publication market is still very small. For China's digital printing market, people pay more attention to two topics: 1. The impact of digital printing on traditional printing; 2. Fierce competition among digital printing equipment suppliers. We seldom talk about the future development of this market. How big is China's digital printing market? At present, more businesses of digital printing enterprises are still limited to bill printing, but this is a stock market. In fact, the profit space of many domestic digital printing enterprises is getting lower and lower. In foreign countries, the digital printing market is more personalized book publishing

not long ago, the author interviewed Mr. panxiaodong, a famous professional in the printing industry, nname w:st= "on" productid= "Jia panxiaodong"> who called on printing enterprises to pay more attention to the rigid and good application of digital printing in personalized publications. I would like to ask where the growth point of our digital printing enterprises is. I feel that domestic digital printing enterprises have not yet involved in the larger market of personalized book printing. He pointed out that the publishing house is a bit biased. Instead of engaging in the content industry, it is engaging in its own terminal operation. In fact, these are not the scope that content suppliers should engage in. It should work with channel suppliers to obtain its own interests. The current content suppliers have not changed much. They are basically doing what they used to do now, It has not really jumped out of the category that the second Academy of aerospace and the Fifth Academy of aerospace can be qualified, so I feel that the real expansion of the digital printing market still needs a process. Take the U.S. market as an example, the content and channels are very good, the channels are very smooth, and there are no copyright problems. Another thing is that the price of books is relatively reasonable, while the price of books in China is relatively high. Nname w:st= "on" productid= "pan"> Mr. Pan believes that there is another factor that hinders the development of personalized book publishing market. The unit price of digital printing is relatively high. Compared with traditional printing, the price per print is higher than the enterprise income

publication printing is a huge market that can achieve better development. On the one hand, the government needs to coordinate the relationship between content suppliers and channel suppliers. On the other hand, although the current unclear policies and regulations restrict its rapid development, it is clear enough for printing enterprises to wait all the time There is no doubt that the best opportunity will be missed if there is any action after clarity

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