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The ancient coal city bid farewell to the thousands of years of loose coal heating -- Investigation on the "coal ban" during the heating period in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. However, this winter, the old coal city will bid farewell to the thousands of years of history of bulk coal heating and achieve the goal of banning coal for every household in the urban area

why should this old coal city "ban coal"? How to ban coal? What do people use for heating? What is the effect after the comprehensive coal ban? This was investigated

According to historical records, as early as the Sui and Tang Dynasties, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, was one of the earliest coal mining and utilization areas in China. Due to the abundant amount and complete types of coal, Taiyuan became an important coal energy base after the founding of new China

coal has brought prosperity and trouble to the city. Zhang Yi, who has now settled in Taiyuan, still remembers that when he first came to Taiyuan in the winter more than ten years ago, he often saw black smoke chimneys. More than 20% of the air reached or approached the international advanced level was always gray, and there was a choking smell of soot. "The window was open during the day. When I came back from work, I found a layer of gray, black gray on the windowsill." He recalled

in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the whole society's awareness of environmental protection and the increasing attention of the state to air pollution, the coal city of Taiyuan has also started a difficult road of "gas control": shutting down polluting enterprises, dismantling coal-fired boilers, covering central heating pipes, building long-distance heat transmission pipelines...

the control effect continues to show, but the problem of soot pollution is still prominent. 2 through curve traversal and reproduction experiment and graph processing function, in 2016, although the annual average concentration of sulfur dioxide in Taiyuan has decreased year on year for three consecutive years, it still ranks first among the 74 key cities in China; Especially in the winter heating period, the concentration of sulfur dioxide even reached 3 to 4 times the average level of 13 cities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, more than 10 times that of Beijing

Dou Lifen, director of Taiyuan Environmental Protection Bureau, said that the main cause of air pollution in winter heating period is the combustion of loose coal in rural areas around the city and villages in the city. Therefore, to vigorously control the pollution of loose coal and realize the "de coal" of the city is the fundamental policy for Taiyuan to improve the quality of atmospheric environment

for this reason, Taiyuan City issued the most stringent "coal ban" in the history when the heating season came: from October, except for individual enterprises and coal-fired heat source plants such as Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Datang Taiyuan No. 2 thermal power plant, no unit or individual is allowed to sell, transport and burn coal in the urban area of Taiyuan

a "coal ban" means that the coal city of Taiyuan is about to bid farewell to the history of bulk coal heating that has lasted for thousands of years

city wide mobilization of coal to electricity

winter is approaching, but Ren Lisheng, a villager in Chiqiao village, Jinyuan District, Taiyuan, has not hoarded coal as early as in previous years. He said that the small coal-fired boilers used in the past have been completely dismantled, and the air source heat pump has been newly installed at home. As long as the electricity is turned on, it can be heated, not to mention how convenient it is

Ren Lisheng said that although it was a "change of gun", he did not spend much money. For the electric heating device with a total price of more than 20000 yuan, he only paid less than 2000 yuan, and the rest were subsidized by the government. "After the heating period starts, the government will subsidize the electricity price, which is cheaper than burning coal!"

in order to solve the problem of heating after the coal ban, Taiyuan decided to implement the coal to electricity and coal to gas projects for 134000 households in 348 rural and urban villages within the urban area, and subsidize the one-time investment generated by the transformation and the operating costs during the heating period. To this end, Taiyuan has invested 1.673 billion yuan in one-time financial subsidies, and determined to subsidize more than 300million yuan per year in the future

Dou Lifen introduced that all villages implementing clean heating transformation require "one cleaning and two dismantling", that is, clearing and storing coal, dismantling boilers or stoves, and dismantling coal stoves to ensure the effect of coal prohibition. In this process, appropriate compensation will be given to the masses to ensure that their interests are not damaged

in the process of transformation, all counties and districts in Taiyuan organized cadres to package villages and townships, carefully calculated the economic accounts, convenience accounts and environmental protection accounts for the villagers, won the support of the masses, and voluntarily transformed. Taiyuan has also taken measures such as bringing the management of bulk coal into the assessment and the supervision of the main party and government leaders, which has been pressurized layer by layer, forming an officer atmosphere of learning and catching up in the city

up to now, the transformation work has been basically completed in just half a year. Valeo, a French automotive supplier, has developed a top-level steering column module to clear

"our enterprises have undertaken the coal to electricity project in many cities in China. The transformation intensity and speed in Taiyuan are rare, which shows that the government has really made great determination and hard work in the transformation of clean heating." Said Xingchao, project manager of Hangzhou Zhenxin Thermal Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., which undertook the transformation project

"no more choking, no more trouble!"

"once upon a time, many people in the village started to light stoves. Especially when it was getting dark, the village choked badly." Looking back on the past, Jing Yindi, from nanxiawen village, Jiancaoping District, Taiyuan City, said with great emotion, "now it's OK. Everyone has used the gas wall mounted stove, and the village no longer needs the miasma."

apart from the better air, the environment in the village is better. In the past, every household used to burn stoves. There was either coal or slag in front of and behind the houses. Dust and dirt flew all over the sky when the wind blew. Now when looking at the village, there was no ash or coal in the streets and alleys. The snow-white outer wall was especially dazzling under the sun

what pleased younger brother Jing most was that it was "easy". "In the past, there were four earthen stoves at home. They had to wait until the fire was closed at 11 o'clock at night. They had to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning to poke and fire. During the day, they had to pound charcoal, remove ash and dump slag. They were like 'boiler workers' all day." Jing Yin said with a smile in recent years that he has saved all these jobs and "liberated" himself. He can go out to visit the door and dance during the day

Wang Ancai, a member of the Party leadership group of Taiyuan Environmental Protection Bureau, said that according to relevant calculations, after the completion of the "no coal zone", Taiyuan urban area will reduce 2.04 million tons of heating coal this year, with a reduction rate of more than 90%. It is expected to reduce 60000 tons of soot, 23000 tons of sulfur dioxide and 15000 tons of nitrogen oxides

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