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Analyze the current situation of the automotive semiconductor industry and its future.

with the continuous improvement of technology, the automotive electrification and intelligence have promoted the development of the semiconductor industry. As semiconductors are widely used in automotive subsystems, automotive semiconductors have become the direct beneficiaries of automotive electrification and intelligence

its main impacts include:

expanding the carrying capacity of sensing layer devices such as cameras and radars, and promoting the market of semiconductor devices such as CIS, lasers and MEMS

automatic driving is upgraded from L2 to L4, driving the increase in the use of ASIC, GPU and other computing chips for decision-making

the upgrading of power transmission system from fuel engine to hybrid and pure electric has greatly increased the consumption of high-power semiconductors

classification of automotive semiconductors

automotive semiconductors are mainly classified according to the different technologies involved and devices, including power IC, IGBT, CMOS, SOC, etc. According to the device classification, it can be divided into MCU, ASIC, ASSP, simulator, discrete components, memory and micro devices. Optoelectronics and sensors

development history of automotive semiconductors

panorama of the automotive semiconductor industry chain

market background

the continuous development of China's automotive market

the data shows that in 2018, the overall operation of the automotive industry was stable. Affected by policy factors and macro-economy, the production and sales were lower than expected at the beginning of the year. The annual production and sales of automobiles were 27.809 million and 28.081 million respectively, ranking first in the world for ten consecutive years

automobile electrification

with the technological progress, the high cost and limited charging capacity of batteries have been solved, electric vehicles have entered a new stage of development, the production and sales of pure electric vehicles will further increase, and the demand of automotive semiconductor market will also continue to rise. According to the data, in 2018, the production and sales of pure electric vehicles were 986000 and 984000 respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 47.9% and 50.8% respectively

the rise of autonomous vehicle

with the continuous introduction of favorable national policies, the driverless industry has developed rapidly, and a large amount of capital has entered the industry. Driverless has become a hot direction of global automotive technology research and development. Many cities and enterprises in China have successively carried out road testing of autonomous vehicles, and the autonomous driving market is in a stage of rapid development

at present, domestic technology giants such as bat and Huawei are actively deploying driverless cars, with different industrial patterns. 7. How to understand the early market training of new materials?, Layout the autonomous vehicle market in different ways, such as setting up new companies, carrying out cooperation and developing software systems

market development status

automotive semiconductor sub sectors constitute

microprocessors, power semiconductors and sensors are the main applications of automotive semiconductors in the market

according to the data, in the composition of automotive semiconductor analysis field, the market share of microprocessors ranks first, accounting for 22.8%; The second is power semiconductor, accounting for 21.2%; In the third place is the sensor, accounting for 14.4%

proportion of automobile semiconductor consumption

among traditional automobiles, IC consumption accounts for the largest proportion, accounting for 23 The limiting oxygen index is 68%2%, followed by power semiconductors, accounting for 20.8% of the traditional automotive semiconductors. Sensors rank third

(proportion of traditional automobile semiconductor type consumption)

while most of the new semiconductor consumption of pure electric vehicles are power semiconductors, accounting for 56%

sales volume of automotive semiconductors in China

semiconductors, as the core components of automotive control systems, driven by automotive electronics, have been expanding their use scenarios and increasing their market demand. The data show that since 2012, the sales volume of China's automotive semiconductor market has continued to grow steadily, from US $3.97 billion to US $7.99 billion, an increase of US $4.02 billion in seven years, with an average annual compound growth rate of 12.37%

market application

automotive electronics market

the scale of the automotive electronics market has grown rapidly. In 2018, the scale of China's automotive electronics market reached 704.9 billion yuan. The direct driving force for the growth of the demand scale of China's automotive electronics market is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, the development of the entire vehicle market. As the carrier of automobile electronic products, the output and growth rate of automobile have a direct impact on the development of automobile electronic market; The second is the improvement of automobile electronization

new energy vehicles

in 2018, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 1.27 million and 1.256 million respectively, an increase of 59.9% and 61.7% over the same period last year. Among them, 986000 and 984000 pure electric vehicles were produced and sold respectively; The production and sales of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles were 283000 and 271000 respectively; 1527 fuel cell vehicles have been produced and sold

smart cars

in recent years, China has actively developed smart cars, and driverless technology has been further promoted. Bat and other enterprises have entered the market and increased investment in R & D technology. In 2018, the scale of China's smart car market reached 79.78 billion yuan. At present, domestic driverless vehicles are still in the initial stage, and have been laid out in many applicable fields in the blueprint for the future. China is expected to become the largest driverless market. It is expected that the scale of China's intelligent vehicle market will further grow in 2019, reaching 98.4 billion yuan

relevant enterprises in the industry

enterprise layout

the electrification and intelligence of automobile have brought a lot of new demand to the automotive semiconductor market. With the rapid development of China's automotive downstream market, the rising demand has provided development opportunities for automotive semiconductor. Chinese manufacturers have actively deployed the fields of automotive semiconductor new energy and intelligent vehicles by acquiring foreign manufacturers. At present, Chinese manufacturers are gradually laying out new energy vehicle power semiconductors and intelligent vehicles, among which the representative manufacturers include BYD, CRRC, China microelectronics, Cambrian science and technology, horizon and Zhongxing microelectronics

BYD is a high-tech enterprise committed to "using technological innovation to meet people's yearning for a better life". The business layout covers the fields of electronics, automobile, new energy and rail transit, and plays an important role in these fields. From energy acquisition, storage to application, it builds an overall zero emission new energy solution. BYD is a listed company in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, with a turnover and total market value of more than 100 billion yuan

according to the data, in the first half of 2018, due to the impact of the increase in vehicle sales, BYD's automobile and related product business accounted for an increase, while its component and assembly business accounted for a decrease. At the same time, the proportion of secondary rechargeable battery and photovoltaic business was basically the same


CRRC Co., Ltd. is an a+h-share listed company incorporated by china CNR Corporation Limited and China CSR Corporation Limited in accordance with the principle of reciprocity. Its main business includes R & D, design, manufacturing, repair and sales of railway rolling stock, multiple units, urban rail transit vehicles, engineering machinery, various electromechanical equipment, electronic equipment and parts, electronic appliances and environmental protection equipment

(operating data of CRRC in the first half of the year)


Jilin huamicroelectronics Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating power semiconductor device design and development, chip processing, packaging and testing, and product marketing. Huamicroelectronics was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2001. It mainly produces power semiconductor devices and ICs, which are used in automotive electronics, power electronics, photovoltaic inverter Industrial control and LED lighting

analysis of core competitiveness of enterprises

with the recovery of power semiconductor industry, strategic and emerging markets such as new energy vehicles, photovoltaic power generation and high reliability are rising rapidly. In the first half of 2018, China microelectronics achieved an operating revenue of 820064400 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.11%; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 50.3522 million yuan, an increase of 47.28% year-on-year

(operation data of China microelectronics in the first half of the year)

Cambrian science and technology

Cambrian is a pioneer in the field of global smart chips and the world's first smart chip company that has successfully rolled out chips and has mature products. The company builds core processor chips for various intelligent cloud servers, intelligent terminals and intelligent robots

the "Cambrian 1A" processor launched by the company in 2016 is the world's first special processor for terminal artificial intelligence, which has been applied to tens of millions of intelligences, and has been selected as one of the 15 "world's leading scientific and technological achievements" selected by the third world interconnection conference

horizon is one of the world's leading artificial intelligence start-ups. It has a top-level executive team in the industry with research and development capabilities in algorithms, software, hardware, chips and cloud architecture. Among the four top Internet ai r & D institutions in the world, horizon founding team members founded two of them - Baidu Deep Learning Institute (IDL) and Facebook Artificial Intelligence Institute (fair)

industry development prospect analysis

the advantage of automotive computer is that it can analyze the data in detail and predict the sales of automotive semiconductors

with the gradual embedding of semiconductors into various products such as automobiles, and with the emergence of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and IOT, electric vehicles have entered a new stage of development, driving the rapid development of automotive semiconductors, It is expected that the sales volume of China's automotive semiconductor market will further increase in 2019, reaching US $8.78 billion

(China's automobile semiconductor sales and forecast in)

development prospects

the national industrial policy encourages industrial development. The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of the semiconductor industry and has launched a number of relevant industrial policies and development plans, which have played a vital role in promoting the development of the semiconductor industry and the optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure

driven by favorable policies, the demand of automotive semiconductor market is rising. With the continuous progress of new semiconductor technology and the promotion of favorable policies for new energy, the market demand for automotive semiconductors is rising. In the future, major domestic automobile manufacturers are expected to use automotive semiconductors on a large scale

driven by the strong growth of the downstream market, China's automotive semiconductor market has also ushered in rapid development. The market demand for automotive semiconductors has promoted enterprises to gradually lay out automotive semiconductors

with the withdrawal of overseas giants from China, local brands are gradually emerging. Under the market trend of electrification and intelligence, Chinese manufacturers have actively deployed the automotive semiconductor new energy and intelligent automobile fields through the acquisition of foreign manufacturers. Domestic brands have channel advantages and high sex price ratio, gradually opening up the market

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