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Taiwan University students visit Anyang Quanfeng plant protection UAV

Taiwan teachers and students listen to the introduction of plant protection UAV. (picture source: Anyang Taiwan Affairs Office)

Taiwan, China, July 16 Anyang news on July 11, 105 Taiwan teachers and students visited Anyang Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to understand the current situation and development of UAV technology in the mainland, and the development achievements of agricultural plant protection technology and special pesticides in the mainland in the past 40 years of reform and opening up

the students visited the UAV product exhibition hall, remote sensing UAV operation laboratory, product production and commissioning workshop, etc. During the visit, the person in charge of the enterprise introduced the research and development of UAV and the combination of UAV and agricultural plant protection to the students in detail. After learning that the use of Quanfeng UAV spraying technology can save 50% of pesticide usage and 90% of water consumption, and can sow mu of land per hour, it can effectively solve the current practical problems of rapid reduction of domestic agricultural labor force and rapid growth of labor cost, The students were shocked by the achievements made in the development of agricultural technology in order to make the code for design of plastic deformation automatic fire alarm system GB 50116 (9) 8 increase in the past 40 years of reform and opening up in the mainland

teachers and students in Taiwan have said that they did not expect such advanced UAVs and agricultural plant protection technology in the mainland. In particular, they can fully appreciate the style of plant protection UAVs when they see the scene of drones spraying farmland intensively in enterprise promotional videos. It is hoped that in the future, exchanges and cooperation in agriculture can be strengthened between the two sides of the Strait, so that Taiwan farmers can also enjoy the convenience brought by the mainland's scientific and Technological Development and achieve common development

zhuruzhu, vice president of the China University of science and technology in Taiwan, said that the so-called "traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books". The students actually visited the Quanfeng UAV this time, and learned about the advanced UAV and the structure of sending documents to the printer for printing, which will break the old, outdated and backward concepts and impressions of some students on the mainland

it is reported that Anyang Quanfeng Aviation Plant Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise of modern agricultural intelligent equipment. The company takes the development of intelligent suspended plant protection machines and special reagents as its leader, and its UAV has obtained the achievement appraisal of the Ministry of science and technology and dozens of national patents for agricultural UAVs, In June, 2014, it passed the training qualification certification of the Chinese Aircraft Owner and UAV system pilot association entrusted by the national civil aviation moving beam driving screw contact base space administration. (jointly reported by Taiwan, China and Anyang Taiwan Affairs Office)

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