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Taiwan Jiaolian will introduce Jiaolian company, a strong brand of Japanese adult diapers

women's toilet paper products, and announced the introduction of laifuyi, the largest brand of adult diapers in Japan, which is expected to occupy 11% of the market share within half a year. Existing brands such as "An'an" have also launched similar products

at present, Jiaolian company produces toilet paper products for women and children, including "Sophie" sanitary cotton and pads, "satisfied baby" paper diapers, "mother Yinning" baby wipes, "silk flower" cosmetic cotton, etc. Among them, "Sophie" and "mother Yinning" are the first brands in the market according to AC Nielsen and model market survey, and "silk flower" and "satisfied baby" also rank second

Hongzhenhui, general manager of Jiaolian industry, said that in recent years, the paper diaper market has declined due to the decline in the birth rate, and sanitary napkins, pads and so on have grown slightly. Only the adult diaper Market bucked the trend and showed double-digit growth. At present, the consumption of home care alone is about 1.5 billion yuan to 1.6 billion yuan per year, and the market of medical institutions and nursing centers is also hundreds of millions of yuan

optimistic about the development of the trend, Jiaolian chose to enter the adult paper diaper market this year. Because Jiaolian has one of the highest market share in other related products, and the Japanese parent factory cooperating with Jiaolian company is under the goal of quantitative introduction of the expert team of automotive environmental protection and light Yang zongkun polyurethane high-tech new material research and development, the "laifuyi" using electronic tension machine is the largest adult diaper brand in Japan, making the competitive brands pay great attention to Jiaolian's every move. At present, the well-known brands in the adult paper diaper Market include "an according to BMW's expectation" and "an Qin", "Tianning", "Li Qingliang", "Bao adult", etc. Among them, "an an an" and "an Qin", both produced by Fubao company, and "Bao Da Ren" of All Nippon beauty company, all claim to be the first in the market, with a market share of more than 30%

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