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Taiwan Packaging Design Association landed in Jinjiang, aiming at the mainland food packaging market

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core tips: 1/4 of the country's candy production, the second largest jelly production in the main domestic food production area, the province's largest snack food export base... Decades of deep cultivation has saved a lot of aura for the Jinjiang food industry, Behind the halo is the industry's overall concern about the defects of the industrial chain such as packaging design and talent cultivation

[China Packaging News] one quarter of the country's candy production, the second largest jelly production in the main domestic food production area, and the province's largest snack food export base have been cultivated for decades, which has saved many halos for the Jinjiang food industry, but behind the halo is the industry's overall concern about the defects of the industrial chain such as packaging design and talent training

on the 16th, an office composed of nine member units of Taiwan Packaging Design Association settled in Jinjiang to provide personalized services for the local manufacturing industry, especially the food industry. In the future, local food enterprises can directly connect with Taiwan's excellent design resources, obtain the support of marketing innovation resources, and seek greater development space in differentiation through the office's contradictory technical requirements

face to face completion of docking projects

Expansion Strategies of international material giants such as meimeike, BASF and Johnson Matthey

located in the Jinjiang Office of Taiwan Packaging Design Association in the Hongshan cultural and creative park in Jinjiang City, Jinjiang Blue Magpie packaging design company, which is jointly established with 9 Taiwan enterprises, is the unified carrier, 6 food and gift packaging design enterprises, 1 ceramic design enterprise, 1 commercial photography enterprise One event planning enterprise has completed its assignment. The nine companies sent a staff member who respectively said that the nominal tensile strength value and yield strength ratio of bolt materials were at or above the supervision level. The new plastic bottle manufacturers were rarely known

Taiwan directly sends people to Quanzhou, which makes communication more direct and convenient. At the same time, it can also radiate to Quanzhou and even the whole southern Fujian region through Jinjiang River. Chenchangxi, Secretary General of Jinjiang Food Industry Association, said. If there are any cooperation projects, the design will be returned to the team of the Taiwan company to complete after face-to-face docking in Jinjiang. Yan Junyu, general manager of Taiwan grand view Packaging Co., Ltd., one of the member units of the office, believes that such a way can not only give play to the advantages of Taiwan's food packaging design, such as high cultural nature, strong integration ability and high innovation consciousness, but also maintain good communication with local food production enterprises to the greatest extent

from commercial photography to packaging design, to marketing planning, we can find corresponding professional institutions in Jinjiang office, which is the projection of Taiwan's prevailing overall solution in Jinjiang food industry

the appearance design should be more lecherous

when most people think that the tongue is making decisions, it is actually the eyes that are preconceived. Most consumers only need 0.2 seconds to scan their faces to find the goods they want on the shelves. This is familiar to designers and marketers. Seeing through this illusion also means that Jinjiang, which has ranked first in the main food production areas of candy and baking products in China, must face new challenges

Huang Guozhou, chairman of Taiwan Packaging Design Association, said that as early as last year, the association had organized some members to visit Jinjiang to investigate the manufacturing industry environment. After nearly a year of preparation, the office was officially rooted. It was the urgent needs of Quanzhou manufacturing industry, especially the food industry, for packaging design

according to Yan Junyu, who has been engaged in the packaging design industry for a long time, the packaging design ability of Jinjiang food plate, which has 20 famous Chinese trademarks, is far from the reputation it has created in the domestic market for many years, and the product appearance design is Taiwan's advantage. When Jinjiang's food packaging is still generally based on photos, Taiwan has entered the era of brand orientation, and is better at capturing consumers with color, exquisite logo and other elements

even if your food is delicious, the first thing consumers see is packaging. According to the research of Yan Junyu and his colleagues, about 80% of the nearly 500 food production enterprises in Jinjiang are still using photos as the main element of outer packaging design. The packaging similarity of various brands is high, the number of products is large, but the image relevance is not large. The result is that there is no relevance between each product, which is difficult to be remembered by consumers. No matter how much publicity the product makes, it is useless

the packaging concept strives to be more practical

in the Office Exhibition Hall, Taiwan enterprises also brought their design works. Among them, a paper woven tea warehouse has attracted the attention of many visitors. Tea warehouses of different sizes and colors have simple and elegant colors and simple and exquisite shapes, which can be sold separately as handicrafts from the outside

after the tea is used up, the packaged tea warehouse can also be used to store candy, nuts, etc. its design concept is to let consumers not take the packaging as a burden. Yan Junyu introduced that reusability is a very important concept in packaging design in Taiwan. It was revealed that this type of tea warehouse has sold more than 200000 in mainland China since it was launched at the Xiamen Tea Expo last October

the paper woven tea warehouse is also applied to the Public Edition design concept, which is very popular in Taiwan in recent years. The so-called public edition is simply a popular basic model. Customers only need to add a small amount of personalized elements to the design to form

in fact, Taiwan's packaging design concept is also absorbing and integrating Quanzhou local culture. A person in charge of a member unit stationed in the office told that before that, he had cooperated with a tea enterprise in Nan'an, Quanzhou. Most of the tea boxes in Quanzhou are large, while in Taiwan, on the contrary, they are small boxes. If the design is 100% based on the concept of Taiwan, this tea will definitely not sell well, because the purchase demand of gift box tea is to give people away, in order to have face. Only by understanding the consumer demand can we make a design that is more in line with the market

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