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Taiwan Zhenglong and Hewlett Packard jointly launched RIFD smart cartons

Taiwan Zhenglong and Hewlett Packard (HP) jointly announced the official listing of the "smart cartons" with new specifications for RFID applications, which will strive for huge time-saving and efficient business opportunities for international retailers in shipping inspection and warehousing management systems. At the same time, Zhenglong also confirmed that the RFID application business has injected millions of yuan of revenue into the company so far, and it is expected to grow by leaps in the future. In the morning, the buying increased significantly, and the share price also jumped by more than 1.5%. In addition to Zhenglong, Yongfeng Yu is also actively involved in the domestic paper companies that cut into the big cake in the RFID field

caidonghe, general manager of Zhenglong, said that Zhenglong RFID application solutions provide complete, high reliability and low-cost RFID solutions to help customers quickly and effectively import RFID. At present, successful projects include the test case of Qimei Electronic LCD panel, the application of agricultural product quality monitoring and marketing operations of the Ministry of economic affairs, and the application of labor safety positioning detection, The business department's track record of processed food and the RFID application integration plan, automobile parts and components and other test pilot plans. In addition, with the help of HP, Zhenglong also designed a new type of intelligent carton for HP's IPAQ PDA products, successfully applied RFID cartons to logistics, and shipped smoothly with accurate carton reading rate to reduce costs

Zhenglong pointed out that due to the promotion of RFID application solutions, Walmart has paid attention to the direct ordering of small furniture packaging cartons to Zhenglong, rather than the indirect ordering mode in the past. Although it is not an intelligent carton, it has given positive encouragement to Zhenglong

Zhenglong pointed out that the testing business in this regard has so far generated millions of yuan of revenue. As for smart cartons, there are several cooperation cases under negotiation. At present, a small number of smart cartons have been shipped, but the number is not large, and will grow in a leaping way in the future

the concrete pressure testing machine is mainly composed of three parts: organism, hydraulic control box and force measuring instrument. Liu Yingchang, director of Zhenglong RFID Application Testing Center, said that foreign countries estimate that the RFID electronic tag used in cartons is about US $0.1, and the RFID market consumption will grow dramatically. At present, Zhenglong has developed that as long as NT $10, and it is expected that when the price drops to NT $5 in the future, it can drive the application in the domestic market

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