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Taiwan printing factory has developed diploma anti-counterfeiting RFID technology

in order to avoid people fishing in troubled waters with fake academic qualifications, Taiwan Ministry of Finance printing factory has developed a set of anti-counterfeiting certificate system combined with wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, which is called low cycle fatigue test-bed, which is less than 5x104. In addition to preventing certificate fraud, it can also store transcripts, school activities and award-winning deeds, and even graduation thesis in graduation certificates in the future. Qiu senhui, the director of Han's Guanhua printing plant of the Ministry of finance, said that he had previously proposed this anti-counterfeiting certificate system platform to Lin Congming, the Minister of government affairs of the Ministry of education, and was deeply affirmed; Printing plants are applying for domestic and foreign patent packaging containers, and then will start to push and provide them to people for analysis. Qiu senhui said that this idea came from Ma Ying Jeou's reference to the gradual opening-up of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait during last year's election campaign. He predicted that the use of 10 points in the automotive industry in the future would be widely expected to recognize mainland academic qualifications, but the mainland has a flood of fake academic qualifications. In order to avoid the flood of fake academic qualifications in the future, he decided to develop this set of anti-counterfeiting technology; In the future, as long as packaging safety is successfully promoted in Taiwan, the mainland may also be interested in following up and using this technology. He mentioned that through the RFID anti-counterfeiting certificate system platform, the graduation certificate is no longer just a thin piece of paper. In addition to anti-counterfeiting, it also has the function of electronic preservation. Other anti-counterfeiting aspects of packaging

mainly combine the graduation certificate with the electronic tag, file the basic information of the certificate and input it into the electronic tag Manroland. In the future, as long as you connect the computer through RFID and read the electronic tag, you can verify the authenticity of the certificate. Rip

in addition, the graduation certificate can also include transcripts and school performance, community experience and award-winning deeds, and even graduation thesis

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