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Taiwan JDV Jindian control valve has won the Taiwan boutique Award for five consecutive years

the brand JDV Jindian control valve has won the 27th Taiwan boutique award of the Ministry of economic affairs this year with its core product "JCTM environmental friendly low emission metal sealed three piece mouth control valve", which is the fifth consecutive year that Jindian industry has won the Taiwan boutique award with control valve products. JDV, the only control valve brand in Taiwan with 100% perfect sealing resistance to ultra-high pressure and extreme temperature, won the honor of its core product "JCTM environmental protection low emission metal sealed three piece mouth control valve" (2) for the pipes that are bonded, it won the 27th Taiwan boutique award of the Ministry of economic affairs this year, and it is the fifth consecutive year that Jindian industry won the honor of Taiwan essence with control valve products. 2. Prevention of high temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive media Water and other intrusion instruments

resistant to ultra-high pressure and extreme temperature. Fan Yixin, general manager of Jindian industry, said that "JCTM environmental protection low emission metal sealing three piece mouth control valve is easy to control" is the only 100% perfect sealing, leakage and leakage function in the whole Taiwan. It is resistant to ultra-high pressure (pressure up to 2500 pounds), wear resistance (applicable to any fluid), and corrosion-resistant metal sealing technology, Spanning the extreme temperature field of minus -196 ° C ~ 800 ° C, it is a high-order control valve that can give consideration to stability, safety, reliability and environmental protection. It is especially suitable for industries with extremely harsh environments such as petrochemical, steel-making and mining

Fan Yiming, deputy general manager of Jindian industry, specially shared that Jindian once faced problems such as long product development time, low production efficiency, and insufficient equipment digitization and intellectualization ability. Therefore, through the program guidance of small and medium-sized enterprises due to small experimental power, the metal center and relevant smart manufacturing professional companies were entrusted to assist Jindian in importing smart technology services and smart selection platform from the product design side, The measurement robot arm with high-precision 3D optical scanning is imported from the product verification end to replace the traditional three-dimensional point-to-point scalar measurement with manual operation, and cloud visual management is introduced in the subsequent inspection and testing steps. QR code and production resume are provided when delivering. This not only greatly shortens the original four month development period to one month, but also integrates design, manufacturing and testing, Let Jindian industry gradually transform from traditional precision machinery to smart machinery industry, create a new smart manufacturing innovation service, and continue to improve output value, production capacity and production efficiency

based on Taiwan and looking to the world, Jindian firmly occupies the leading position of metal seal control valves in Greater China.

Jindian industry is the only high-level control valve factory in China that adheres to 100% research and development and manufacturing in Taiwan, and it is also the high-level control valve brand that has obtained the largest number of patent certifications in the world. From the factory quality system, national sales licenses, supplier certification to various product verification, it has successively obtained numerous international certifications and multinational trademark registration certificates. Well-known manufacturers at home and abroad include Taiwan Sinosteel group, PetroChina, Formosa Plastics Group, Taidian, Zhongding engineering, Qimei, TSMC, yongfengyu, Nanbao resin, Hitachi Hitachi, Sinopec, PetroChina, CNOOC, Shenhua, Singapore water authority, BASF BASF, Shell shell, BP, Bayer Bayer, Roche and US steel are all their customers

in the direction of providing high quality and high added value, Jindian industry not only implements internal total quality management and external supply chain management, but also expands outward with Taiwan as the operation headquarters. It has set up a Shanghai operation center in the mainland, a manufacturing plant and a maintenance service office in Yancheng, Jiangsu, with offices in Beijing, Dalian, Wuhan and Hong Kong, as far as Urumqi, Switzerland as the European operation center, the United States, Singapore, South Korea Agents in Thailand, Malaysia and other regions. In addition, maintenance plants are set up in Taoyuan Zhongli, Mailiao, Kaohsiung and other places, with global service windows and a sound customer service system, gradually moving towards "manufacturing service", providing global localized services, and thereby building the brand reputation and popularity of "Taiwan's boutiques" in the global market

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