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Taiwan's manufacturing industry is transforming in line with the trend, and new energy manufacturing adheres to OEM

at a time of fierce low-cost competition in the equipment manufacturing industry, there are now not a few enterprises that use the advantages of manufacturing to transform into energy conservation and energy management

traditionally, our core products are power products, but later, we gradually found that products such as motors, motors, industrial equipment, etc. also do things to save energy and improve energy efficiency, which can be applied in the field of energy conservation, so we proposed to be a system integrator and solution provider of energy and energy conservation. Zhengchonghua, honorary chairman of Taiwan delta group, told China business news

delta group, which started with power products, has now entered the domestic energy-saving service and energy management market. Its platform in the mainland is its Zhongda Diantong. 70% of the domestic business of Zhongda Diantong is related to energy management and energy conservation

however, delta group covers all industrial fields, but there is no specific figure for the turnover in the field of energy and energy conservation

haiyingjun, the new chairman of delta group, said that Delta had actually been involved in the energy-saving service market. For example, many old factories in various industries are inefficient, which is reflected in the fact that the output value of kWh is much worse than that of foreign countries. The efficient market for these industries includes the improvement of electromechanical equipment and drilling equipment such as glass fiber, carbon fiber and aramid fiber, as well as the power manager that can make full use of and save the power of this container, which is called "WIVA infinite container"

ZHENG Ping, CEO of delta group, also told this newspaper that he had previously participated in many energy-saving transformation projects in the form of projects. At present, the development direction is integrated design and solution provider

according to it, delta is applying for the establishment of a contract energy management service company

at present, domestic energy-saving service companies are mainly divided into the following categories: energy-saving service companies starting from the industry, such as Hailiang group in Shaoxing, Zhejiang; Vertical companies that start from products, such as the field of air conditioning and the field of electricity through the efforts of all parties; Companies specializing in energy conservation, such as Tianhao energy conservation, a listed company focusing on contract energy management of waste heat power generation; And Taihao technology, a listed company focusing on contract energy management in the field of building energy conservation

however, there are not many companies that provide comprehensive solutions and are widely involved in the front-end product field, which is considered by the top management of delta as its main advantage

however, an insider said that the market in the field of building energy efficiency is large and complex, and the overall integration may not be acceptable in the near future. Moreover, delta is also facing challenges from ABB, Siemens and other competitors in the field of power management and electromechanical products

Taiwan's manufacturing enterprises do not all follow the same path. Since the dual reactor does not involve the use of the oxygen index, which is only an additional condition for the new national standard to test the combustion performance of insulation materials, the module products assembled from the third-party battery materials, new energy, especially photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises, benefit from it and continue to adhere to the OEM field. Mainland enterprises seek Taiwan battery and module manufacturers for OEM production to avoid the impact of the dual reactor

relevant people of Suntech told this newspaper that at present, Suntech, Trinasolar, Atlas and Tianwei new energy in the mainland are all looking for OEM plants in Taiwan. Photovoltaic enterprises in Taiwan, such as Yujing, Suntech and maodi, have received orders from mainland companies. These orders will also have a good impact on the revenue performance of Taiwan enterprises and continue to share the feast of the photovoltaic market

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