The hottest Taiwan glass company increased its inv

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Taibo China Holdings Co., Ltd., one of the world's top ten glass companies, has become an old friend of Chengdu. Previously, their total investment in Chengdu has reached about 2billion yuan. This time, they will increase "US $280million to build a 60000 ton annual production base of electronic grade alkali free fiber yarn and cloth in Qingbaijiang District, with us $160million in phase I and US $120million in phase II. "Additional investment is our confidence in whether Chengdu investment inspection has scratched the investment environment and investment potential with practical actions." Zhangzhengfeng, manager of Taibo Chengdu Glass Co., Ltd., said that the upcoming new project summit forum focuses on modern factory informatization, which is the highest technology in fiberglass and will be applied to products such as glass and electronic panels. The construction cycle is expected to be 18 months. "It is believed that with the launch of this project, the ISRI delegation will go to Beijing to meet with Chinese government officials for more details, which will stabilize Taibo's leading position in the global industry."

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