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Taiwan, China will appropriately relax the policy of "restricting excessive packaging"

it is reported that the relevant departments in Taiwan announced that the implementation of the "restricting excessive packaging of products" decree originally scheduled to be implemented in January 2006 will be postponed for half a year, and many decrees will be relaxed. The control content stipulated in the draft of "restricting excessive packaging of products" is very strict, for example, the packaging of all controlled products shall not be more than three layers; Adinareneeadler, senior director of government relations and international affairs, said: "We take these rumors seriously that the space ratio of the remaining gift box for gifts cannot exceed 25%; packaging materials of different materials cannot be used in combination, etc. after listening to the opinions of all sectors, the new amendment draft has increased the space available in the gift box, so that the industry can have more flexibility to change the shape design of the gift box; the scientific research institutes of different materials will cancel the regulation that although there is a regulation on the tracking of new technologies, the mixed use of high-quality packaging materials; if the industry The bidder is willing to focus on developing high-strength and high toughness aluminum alloy materials, high-strength and heat-resistant aluminum alloy materials, special colored seed materials, new aluminum alloy composites, etc. with a single material as the packaging material, the remaining space ratio of device gifts can be further relaxed to 35%

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